Seven more Xbox 360 secrets Microsoft doesn't tell you

TechRadar unveils seven more Xbox 360 tips that you won't hear Microsoft shouting about...

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Calcio3669d ago

I like the cache clearing tip. Not sure I'll try the towel one though...

dachiefsman3669d ago

Microsoft was the one who told me the cache clearing trick on my first RROD.

I new most of the others for a long time minus the web browser.

bouncybullet3669d ago

web browser one a console is lame.

Waste of time typing without a keyboard.

The ps3 web browser is a huge glitchbag.

The wii browser isn't bad though.
which is surprising.

krakdol3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

lol @ the towel trick and the idea of voiding the warranty to make it quiet : bad idea with such dubious reliability... ;(

bouncybullet3669d ago

Send it out and play your other systems for a week.

Who the funk wraps a towel around an already hot machine?

prunchess3668d ago

your machine RROD and you found out that you could get it running again (even for a couple of hours)by wrapping it in a towel and heating it up inside enough for the chips to reset or the cracks in the solder to meld together again. (correct me if I'm wrong about what the towel trick does)

What ever gets it going again I suppose.

Or you could just buy a PS3.

leyego3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

arnt even secrets...
more like solutions to problems that the xbox has.
a secret would be like if the xbox can transform into a fighting robot by pressing the secret switch in the back or something.

Calcio3669d ago

If you don't know it, MIcrosoft does and they aint telling that's secret enough for me!

leyego3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

granted some of them are indeed secrets like the cache trick but
the towel trick is not a secret...
the fan swaping is not a secret either...
anyone with a decent no how of electronics can tell u how to decrease fan noise or how to resoder ur chips.

xhairs93669d ago

Using 3rd party software is hardly a secret either. A simple google search will bring all this stuff you need to figure out how to stream media.

What is a secret is something that comes with the console and it's software to do something. Towel "trick" and 3rd party software is hardly a secret, someone created it after the fact.

krakdol3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Seven more Xbox 360 secrets Microsoft doesn't tell you :

- The 360 reliability is way below 30 %. Many people had it repaired more than 5 times... PS3 works perfectly and quietly, though.

- you pay for Live and you could have the same for free and more on PS3. Great PSN AAA games like Wipeout and Siren, not small crap games limited in space like on XBLA. Plus, you'd get Wifi too.

- Xbox is dead in Japan and outsold worldwide this year, like last year. The only country left where 360 has still a bigger install base is in the US.

- you had no AAA exclusive this year until now, actually you never had any real exclusive, since I can get better versions of them on my PC and for free (mass effect, gears of wars, halo...)

- the new dashboard is still greatly inferior to Sony PS3 Home

- most developers now choose the PS3 as lead platform (mirror's edge, fifa 09...)

- all the greatest games are only on PS3, like MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet, GT5, God of war 3, Resistance 2, Wipeout, Heavy Rain, and the best of all... LittleBigPlanet.

Zeevious3669d ago

...With an icon that's a Circle/Slash over an old Windows logo, I never would have guessed you thought all that.

...or thought at all.


P.s. Lay off the Krak.

krakdol3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Oh yeah, nice answer, but can't you tell me what you think is wrong in what I said instead ? Or is everything right ?

I'm listening to you. "You're on crack" is not a very mature answer, you know.

Rhythmattic3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

And all units Returned as RROD are refurb units sold as Arcade .

Actually, I dont know, But ...................

What does happen to a DieBox ?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3669d ago

Nasim's waiting to play Little Big Legos...XD

krakdol3669d ago

@Jason : yeah, that's much better than gaylo, banjo and pinata

LBP 1st review : 10/10

Too Human : 6/10

Cry more.

Tidus113669d ago

seriously their is nothing of value in this article haha

leyego3669d ago

u my friend deserve 1000 agrees

bouncybullet3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

LBPs first review was by Playstation Magazine.
(It's obviously good, but perfect..?)

And I love that you compare it to the worst possible 360 game.


Too Human was supposed to be on Gamecube.
It was a flop 6 years ago.

Thats like saying Bioshock: 9.6/10

Lair: 4/10

You are a flop.

dukadork3669d ago

secret #1: it's a PS3 wannabe that falls short in every possible way.
secret #2: it's a PS3 wannabe that falls short in every possible way.
secret #3: it's a PS3 wannabe that falls short in every possible way.
secret #4: it's a PS3 wannabe that falls short in every possible way.
secret #5: it's a PS3 wannabe that falls short in every possible way.
secret #6: it's a PS3 wannabe that falls short in every possible way.
secret #7: it's a PS3 wannabe that falls short in every possible way.

do you want the real thing or the cheap me-too POS that can fail you anytime? the answer is obvious my friends, just trash the dumb crappy toaster and opt for infinite coolness and style

mmmmmmm, just played wipeoutHD for 3 hours nonstop on hardcore tech @ 160 BPM: it's just something you can only dream of with s POS360 XD

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MANCREEP3669d ago

the cache trick, should be included in your manual if you bought a system after oct2008. all these other tricks have been on websites before, nothing new here, unless you dont browse any tech sites. the towel trick, btw, is f*cking stupid and doesnt fix anything----at best your system works for about 3-5 minutes.
repair turnaround times are down to 3-5 business days(if you live in the southern half of the us)---if you cant wait that long, youre prolly pale-skinned loser who could use some sun anyways. get out of grannies basement and get a job or a gf.

3669d ago
MANCREEP3669d ago

for correcting me....2007. yes.

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