NZGamer: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review

NZGamer writes: "Okay, let's get all the incredulity out of the way before we start: yes, it's a Sonic the hedgehog RPG, and yes, it sounds like a firmly terrible idea. But it's made by Bioware, who don't really make crap games. Conundrum, no?

With this in mind, I stuck Sonic Chronicles into my DS and fired it up. And what awaited me was a game that…well, was actually pretty enjoyable. It's not perfect, and there are parts of the gameplay that will turn off a lot of people, but if you a) like Sonic enough to appreciate the fan service; b) are in the need for a lightweight, easygoing RPG experience; and c) want to wash the horrible taste of recent 3D Sonic titles out of your mouth, then this is worth checking out."

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