NZGamer: SOCOM: Confrontation Beta Hands On

NZGamer writes: "Socom, for readers that aren't aware, is a series of tactical third-person shooters based mainly on the activities of elite forces of the US Navy Seals (although it does feature members of other elite fighting units from around the world). It's grounded firmly in reality with realistic weapons, environments and scenarios.

Socom: Confrontation completely eschews any link with the singleplayer campaigns of titles past, opting instead to concentrate purely on the online multiplayer aspect of the series. The title is currently in beta and due to appear on store shelves (both in reality and virtually - it will be released simultaneously in both retail and on the PlayStation Network as a downloadable) on the 17th of October (in New Zealand)."

The Good: Motion controls that actually work.

The Bad: No singleplayer.

The Ugly: Competing with Call of Duty.

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