Edge Review: Star Wars Force Unleashed

Edge writes: "There are few things as depressing as watching Star Wars stumbling forward, each new cash-in another low for the series, every new installment a shadow of what has gone before. It's got so bad in recent years that you almost pine for the days of Jar Jar Binks. Almost.

But here's The Force Unleashed, the first Star Wars game for years that isn't a movie tie-in, or a sequel to an ageing series. You can't knock the ambition behind it: LucasArts has invested in some of the greatest technology of this generation. NaturalMotion's Euphoria, Pixelux's Digital Molecular Matter and the Havok physics middleware are combined with the company's own proprietary Ronin engine – all in the service of spectacular twisting of metal, salad-tossing of stormtroopers, and the odd environmental puzzle. LucasArts and Industrial Light And Magic are handling the cinematic side, George Lucas himself has added his touch to the script, and when you press start for the first time the John Williams score booms out of your speakers. Surely, you think, this time they've got it right."

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