WorthPlaying Review - 'Little League World Series Baseball 2008'

WorthPlaying: "When you think of modern sports, your mind likely goes to megastar athletes with multimillion dollar contracts and egos the size of the mansions in which they reside. While many see the sporting landscape as one populated mostly by overpaid whiners, there is another side, one that remains (mostly) pure and motivated by sheer love of the game. That is the spirit of Little League World Series Baseball 2008, which attempts to recapture the magic of aluminum bats shattering the summer silence. This charming little title is far from perfect, but it's a noble first attempt for the franchise, and there's a lot of promise in this slugger's future.

Little League World Series seeks to take baseball's complexities and simplify them in a manner that makes the game approachable, yet still deep. Pitching, fielding, running and batting have been streamlined to the utmost, and lineups are locked in from the start, saving you from all the micromanagement that comes with MLB titles. This is clearly a game aimed at kids, though casual adult gamers may be interested in giving it a spin."

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