Ubisoft plans to develop a new Splinter Cell game

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of Sam Fisher fans were disappointed at this year’s E3 as Ubisoft did not reveal anything at all about a possible new Splinter Cell game. However, and according to its CEO, it appears that the French company is indeed looking into developing a new part in its Splinter Cell series."

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XiNatsuDragnel566d ago

Please make it authentic experience

john2566d ago

Here is hoping that it will be more similar to Chaos Theory (instead of yet another open-world stealth game)

lxeasy565d ago

I hope its closer to Splinter cell Conviction. I love that game and the stealth mechanics were amazing for it.

Blaze929565d ago

no thanks - you people who be asking for the same thing from years ago are exactly why progress is never made. It's 2017 move on and let's see what new things they can do technically and artistically.

madforaday565d ago

They did do new things with the game with the Mark and Execute which in my opinion, as NO REASON to be in a Splinter Cell game. They made two Splinter Cell games that went away from the original style of the game and by no means were they bad games but they weren't great Splinter Cell games. They already did what you said and they never progressed so now fans want the original concept back into these games but with new ideas/mechanics.

SCW1982565d ago

What makes you think a sequel to Chaos Theory wouldn't have new and fresh ideas?

yeahright2565d ago

Question: If that's how you feel, why bother coming into the comments section about reviving a franchise from years ago? just to pick a fight?

NapalmSanctuary565d ago

Turning SC into an action game isn't progress. Chaos Theory was the series high point and SC needs to get back into its own lane to achieve any actual progress.

565d ago
ZombieKiller565d ago

What do you mean "you people"

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Littil_Devil565d ago

Thank god...I've been waiting like, forever for this to happen.

MilkMan565d ago

Now you're talking. YAY!

MaGNeZiouM565d ago

if they are still thinking of making it, then in best case scenario it will be released in 2020

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The story is too old to be commented.