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GR was shown more of Quantic Dream's near future android thriller at this year's E3.

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UCForce2527d ago

One thing I did noticed that in E3 2017 trailer. I noticed that Connor and Kara were watching the new about Robot Uprising. Connor feel alerts and Kara feel anger. My bet is that Kara want Android and Human to coexist but a better life, Connor will do his duty not just as a Android but as Police Officers. And Markus want to create Android revolution. Three Android have three different representatives.

MagicBeanz2527d ago

This game was on my radar until I saw Jesse Williams face and then I was like nope I'm out.

UCForce2527d ago

I did read his bio file. I know what you feel about Jesse and his career, but can you just settle down just for a moment ?

MagicBeanz2527d ago

LOL "settle down", you act like I went on a tirade when all I said was I'm out, I think you need to learn to gauge feeling better kiddo. And since you dont know me personally you dont know what I feel so stop pretending you do.

UCForce2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

And no, I'm not going to say like convince you to like him or something. But something like mutual understanding, he choose to be like that in first place. So yeah, my status with him is neutral.

Edit : Just focus on gaming. Don't pay attention on him.

frostypants2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Huh? Not sure what you're trying to say, but people don't like him because he loves playing the race card and insisting that his opinion trumps others as a function of being half-black, and raging on and on about how whites (which he ALSO is) somehow stole black urban culture, despite the ludicrously ironic fact that he is half white and had an upper middle class suburban upbringing, and has no more clue what lower class inner city blacks lives are like than any other suburban-raised upper class kid. He *IS* that which he claims to abhor...he is far more a privileged white man than an oppressed urban black man. I don't have a huge problem with his core cause necessarily...most people don't like police brutality...but the dude is pretending to be something he isn't to get additional attention he doesn't deserve, and using THAT to try to start a tremendously ignorant and racist culture war (go read his BET award comments). The guy is the definition of full of sh-. I say all of this as a fairly leftist person.

*deep breath*

That said I still look forward to this game. I can separate an actor's personal life from their work.

frostypants2527d ago

Do you also refuse to watch Tom Cruise films because of his nutty beliefs? Yes, Williams is a d-bag. So what? Doesn't impact the product.

UCForce2527d ago

Of course. Like I said before to MagicBeanz, focus on the game, not the actor personal life.

MagicBeanz2527d ago

Well Tom Cruise's nutty beliefs and Williams hypocritical race baiting are two entirely different things and based on your previous comment I think you're smart enough to know the difference. And it may not impact the product for you but maybe it does for me, and its my right to have no interest in it for whatever reason just as much as it is yours to like it or not for your own.

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Prince_TFK2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

I really looking forward to this game. I hope it is more like Heavy Rain and not Beyond Two Souls. Based on the E3 gameplay/trailer it does look promising though.


Avowed Moved to Unreal Engine 5.3

With Support from The Coalition

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ThinkThink1d 10h ago

That's great news. Hopefully the Coalition can smooth some of those edges from the last Avowed reveal.

phoenixwing1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

Well I'm annoyed. Especially at all the ppl who said the graphics sucked. It's your fault they probably shifted the game to unreal so it could look more fancy for you. I was ok with it and hoping to actually play it sometime soon. Now it's like 99% chance it's delayed.
Edit: effing graphics whores

Obscure_Observer23h ago

"Well I'm annoyed. Especially at all the ppl who said the graphics sucked. It's your fault they probably shifted the game to unreal so it could look more fancy for you."

What the hell are you talking about dude? Avowed was already in development using the UE5. The Coalition is just helping Obsidian in the transition to its latest version (5.3)

MrBaskerville21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

Probably not even that big of a difference. Coalition might only have helped because they got a deadline to meet.

Unreal isn't nearly as bad as Unity when you update a project. Though it obviously depends on the project. But unity generally gets an aneyurism if you threaten to update, where Ue is usually less stingy.

Reaper22_21h ago

In excited for Avowed and Gears 6.

Fishy Fingers23h ago

It already was Unreal 5, its just moving to the latest build.

CantThinkOfAUsername14h ago

Latest build is 5.4 and it's better than previous iterations, particularly in animation and performance.

Lightning771d 7h ago

Apparently the latest build looks way better graphically. This rumor from Jez Cordin (who's credible) pretty much confirms it.

Interested in seeing more on Avowed in a few weeks.

Notellin22h ago

UE 5.3 has been out since September of last year. I can't believe this is news or that anyone is hyping this up.

MrNinosan22h ago

As Hellblade failed to set the world on fire, just like Halo Infinite and Starfield before it, it's time to look forward to the next Game of the Decade candidate.
Of course it needs to be hyped up ahead of time 😏

Notellin14h ago

I didn't mean the game itself. I can't believe there is a news article about an Unreal Engine update that launched a year ago.

Reading comprehension is tough for fanboys on N4G.

got_dam6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

@MrNinosan I just want to see what Obsidian can do with a real budget and development time. They have a made a some memorable games with massive time constraints an lackluster funding.

--Onilink--4h ago

Many games stick to a specific version of the Engine they had already been using to avoid delays, problems with migrations to newer stuff etc.
The version being released in September isnt really relevant, just that they decided to make the jump to it at some point in development, which is arguably good news since we know with each iteration, performance has been getting much better

MrNinosan25m ago

I actually look forward to Avowed, and hope that's the game that finally make my purchase of Series X in 2020 worth it.
The game I actually bought Series X for was Starfield, but sadly it didn't do it for me.

Avowed however has the potential to be incredible.

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truthBombs21h ago

I liked the games unique artstyle when It was revealed. I hope they're not making the migration based on criticism. It's only a rumor anyways

MrBaskerville21h ago

I imagine the art style will stay the same. But there'll probably be some visual upgrades here and there.

anast21h ago

This was the only game I was jealous of, but It's a wait and see game now. Plus, I can wait until they release it on PSN.