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Carlos writes "Elder Scrolls is a series with many titles that can make an RPG fan nostalgic, but the one title that bested them all was Morrowind. With The Elder Scrolls Online currently not quite matching the same heights, Bethesda have decided to call upon nostalgia and return fans to the beloved land of Morrowind once more in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind expansion."

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neil3632094d ago

I'm preferring to keep the memories from last time out. TESO doesn't appeal to me even though I loved Morrowind.

chris2352094d ago

online rpgs suck. morrowind was cool, but i have no intention to go back. especially not if there is a weird online engine behind it.

Specter2292094d ago

I made the mistake of purchasing this expansion under the impression that it would work for all the accounts on my home Xbox. It doesnt. Apparently you have to buy the expansion for each account in the xbox. Got my money back.