Gamestop to Buy Micromania for $700 Million

Video-game retailer GameStop (GME.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) on Wednesday said it will acquire French video-game retailer Micromania from private equity fund L Capital for $700 million, including debt, to gain a presence in France.

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Megaton3668d ago

The cancer is spreading...

Kami3667d ago

and ask for battletoads

Captain Tuttle3667d ago

These hedge funds are dumping everything...they can't get credit.

Neo Nugget3667d ago

Oh no....i can see it now....Gamestop to buyout Target, Walmart and Best Buy...........

My gamestop isn't TOO terrible, there are a couple decent people there....a couple.....

Joe29113667d ago

Is gamespot really that bad? I live in France, so i ll be able to check it out, if its crap, i ll just buy my games from GAME.

JeepGamer3667d ago

I will never shop at Gamestop again. They make a living ripping people off.

Lelouch V Brit3667d ago

Microsoft, EA and Gamestop can buy anything.

Elimin83667d ago

Another one bites the dust.....

Sangria3667d ago

I work for Micromania, i wonder what will change when the transaction will be completed. I guess, nothing important but still, there will be changes.

TheROsingleB3667d ago

And the changes will STINK no doubt.
Happend with the EBGames "Merger", use to work for them and probably still would be if it wasn't for GameStop. Not sure how Micromania works but we lost all commisions/spiffs and new-hire salaries dropped back down to state minimum wage regardless of backround or experience.

Skyyo3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

You will be told to pester customers to buy over priced used games. As well as suckering uneducated people into paying for garbage. Also don't forget to ask the customer to pre-order a game that is already out or they have not shown any interest in.

Thats it.

O and you now work for the Devil.

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