A console by any other name

Screen Play: "I'm a weird one, for sure. Jung talked to inanimate objects. I give my consoles names. Names that aren't just "That's my Wii over there" but more akin to what you would name a dog, a cat, an axolotl, or even a daughter in some cases.

My Nintendo DS Lite's name is Nancy, even though she is blue. You would think that it would be the name of a pink one, but my DS is a bit of a tomboy, probably because of all the Japanese role playing games I make her play. There's no denying I've become attached to Nancy, more so since I named her.

She's more than a DS Lite now, but something more. I cannot love her as I could a woman but she's more than just something I could easily discard. She's entered the stage that a puppy or kitten has entered once he or she is named. Once something has a name, it is not forgotten. This we have learned from Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and a whole lot of fantasy authors I could name but am too lazy to do so.

The naming of appliances is a rarity, but a humanisation of what would usually be considered a disposable consumer item. Nancy will not just break when the time comes, she will die. Xbox 360 owners despair when the red ring of death appears, how much more so would they mourn if the console they christened Ronald or Darren broke down and had to be sent for life-saving surgery? Once something has a name, it's not just the PS2 that wouldn't play GTA San Andreas because it was too old, it's "That woman who done me wrong"."

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