Yakuza Producer Will Announce "Something" About the Future of the Series in two Months

Yakuza fans can set their alarms for about two months from now, when an announcement about "something" will come.

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TheOptimist476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

Yes..... This will be great. Loved Yakuza 0.... Can't wait for Kiwami and whatever is there in the future.

naruga475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

i say has low possibilites to be about a Yakuza -sequel (very predictable) , i guess a break form the series announcing a completely new game or a spin off in the universe of Yakuza

FullmetalRoyale475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

Same. Yakuza 0 is still my favorite game of the year, with Kiwami being my most anticipated of the year.
I hope to get the opportunity to play two through five on PS4.

_-EDMIX-_475d ago

I think its likely Yakuza remake 2

_-EDMIX-_475d ago

They said no a few times, but I hope it does come to PC.

This series really needs it and more sales can help more titles come to the west and help the series grow.

DigitalRaptor476d ago

I'm guessing PC versions of the more recent games.

To be honest Yakuza deserves so much more love than it gets. Such an amazing series that seems to be gaining traction in the west.

_-EDMIX-_475d ago


I'd rather have it come on PC and sell, then stay on PS4 and make less money.

This is a good move by Sega if it does come to PC

LegoIsAwesome475d ago

Hate to post this but even though this franchise is Sony exclusives up until now. This "something" announcement they will make..... it will come to PC. Let's face it Sega's head itself said so, heck I think Persona franchise will come to PC to.

ThePsychoGamer475d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if this Something was an announcement for a PC version they wouldn't be teasing it in Japanese. This is announcement for the next Yakuza game.

LegoIsAwesome475d ago

I hope so. Hate to see it come to PC. Yakuza and Persona.

_-EDMIX-_475d ago

@lego- why hate to see it go to PC?

If you love Persona and Yakuza as do I, you want to see it do well.

Even though I game more on PS systems, I want to those series to do well. If it means having a PC version, then so be it. Its better then having no version if you ask me.

With that money, they can take more risk, we c an see more titles come faster to the west, maybe ports of Kenzen and Ishin, who knows. Imagine if Persona does huge numbers on PC, it could speed up Persona 6, give funding for a Persona 1 complete REMAKE! I'd like them to focus on on system at a time, but no good comes from it staying on PS4 after the fact.

The more money they make, the more games you get on PS4 by them, you and I win in the end.

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The story is too old to be commented.