TeamXbox: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

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Silent Hill: Homecoming is the latest installment of Konami's successful survival-horror series, which comes at a time when so many franchises are being forced to reinvent themselves in order to stay fresh. Contrary to this trend, Silent Hill: Homecoming's developer Double Helix made the conscious decision to stick true to the series' roots without trying to come up with a lot of new gimmicks to help promote the product. What Double Helix did instead was fine tune the aspects of Konami's thriller to provide us with a familiar, yet still unpredictable, experience that is unquestionably unique to the bizarre and unsettling world that only Silent Hill can offer.

In keeping with the game's roots, Silent Hill: Homecoming opens without any explanation as to the surroundings or events leading up to the beginning cinematic. This style of presentation raises the players' level of tension, and the events that follow are designed to not only sustain this, but to increase the players' anxiety throughout the course of the game. There's really no point in Silent Hill: Homecoming when one can let their guard down and relax, thanks to the efforts put into the game's pacing."

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