Gears Of War 2 Gameplay Footage

Two new videos of Gears of War 2 Gameplay footage have emerged. This footage shows everything from new guns and cut screens, to some new cover mechanics, and the all enjoyable new finishing moves.


If you look closely at the first video in the bottom right hand corner at 45 seconds you can get your very first look at the new Achievement Update tracker.

thanks Munish23

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m233721d ago

If you look to the bottom right near the beginning I think you can see that achievement updating thing they implemented. So you can see how far you are from getting an achievement. I could be wrong.

Excalibur3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Some games have a sub menu that shows how many kills or whatnot you have in certain areas, I wish all games did that.

The way Gears is doing it is totally cool!!

I'm getting more and more hyped for this game!!

Gam713721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I noticed the tracker.
Was hoping it was linked to achievements.

at the disagree.
Ok I wasn't hoping it was linked to achievements.

Maddens Raiders3721d ago

the game looks decent, but nothing earth-shattering going on here. It just seems to be lacking a bit in number of things happening on screen at once and the grayscale color scheme is not impressive. There is still something to be happy for which is gameplay, and that's when the game can hang in there for par, especially when looking at games like Resistance 2 and KILLONE 2. I think Gears has it's work cut out for it this time around because the competition is stiff. Of course the die-hards will fall all over this game, but it's just not a "must-have or else" type of game like MGS4 or LBP.

Xi3721d ago

It's like what they did for tf2 on PC.

BulletToothtony3721d ago

if i had a 360, based on that footage i would buy the game.. it seems very entertaining and that's what video games are about... plus the multiplayer looks like lots of fun.

I think the acting could be slightly better.. seems like they're a bit stiff and the conversations could be a little more natural.. not so "Acted" but it's not that important.. bottom line all we wanna do is shoot them bad guys..

likedamaster3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I swear, we can never keep ps3 fanboys out of Gears 2 threads. It's impossible! No matter how hard we try. We show love for their overpriced console, we praise MGS4 (a long boring movie), we even make promises to get a ps3(albeit a fake one) and still they won't stay away. One day we will. Either that or they finally get a 360 and Gears and shut the he** up!

Maddens Raiders3721d ago

Thanks for the reply mate.

I never said the game wouldn't or couldn't be fun (see the gameplay comment). My emphasis is on the fact that Gears has a lot more competition this time around compared to the first rendition, and the competition looks terrific. Gears is not doing anything new at all (visually) and the storyline isn't anything earth shattering, so that gameplay must be really good.

Look, the bottom line is that the die-hards will eat this game up like cake, but overall Gears is just a better than average game on the XBOX360. I wouldn't mind if it was on the PS3 (it would most likely have a bevy of new features, larger maps, and crisper visuals), but is it a game that I long to play & just "have to have"? ....No, not when R2, LBP, and KZ2 are on the way, not to mention that one of the greatest TPS games ever made (MGS4) is already on the system and the MMOTPS genre is owned right now by WarHawk.

C_SoL3721d ago

...but I love Gears Of War & Killzone 2 as well. They're both technical masterpieces.

TVC153721d ago


did you just call MGS4 a third person shooter? WOW


BabyStomper50003721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

"we praise MGS4 (a long boring movie)"

You just contradicted yourself.

Edit: Oh wait, I reread your comment and realized you were trying to be clever. FAIL.

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outlawlife3721d ago

I can wait to get that mortar launcher in my hands, it is most definitely what I would call a heavy weapon

bigman73873721d ago

Seems pretty freaking sweet

3721d ago
RAF-TECH3721d ago

I can't wait to get this game.
I loved the first with a passion.
It actually defined Nex-Gen gaming.

now it's part 2.
and it looks CRAZY!

TheXgamerLive3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Pure bad ass, Pure bad ass:)

This game has alot of secrets for us to still discover, damn:)

RAF-TECH3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I agree.
The quality of gameplay improved soo much.
more weapons, more story, more characters, more colour.

the AVP enemy.. damn!!.
I would rather fight him than 60 of the same enemies.

This is Game of the Year.

Edit: how the heck did my post come before yours when i read your reply first. aaahhh. is N4G still under construction? lol

zimbo0073721d ago

Resistance 2 looks milessssss better than Gears 1.1 (said by even Bit-tech and other websites)

bigger and better gameplay??????????

ahhaaaaaaa small scale , small enemies , 2 player coop, 10 player online --thats waht defines Gears 1.1

FART u are comparing this crap game to Resistance 2. wait for the reviews of LBP/Resistance 2 /Motorstorm 2 to pour

hahaaaaa Fart at Xfartkings is such a joke

comparing this crap GREAY AND WASHED OUT game to Resistance 2?

Gam713721d ago

Nasims got a new account.

Any enjoy resistance this should have been the first 1.

dukadork3721d ago

gears 1B update.
resistance2 poops on this from 300ft above


Veryangry_bot3721d ago



Hahaha, Resistance 2 owns this one good.

silverchode3721d ago

4v4-->5v5 = major improvement? at least make it 9v9.

AngryTypingGuy3721d ago

So many jealous little girls on this website. Resistance 2 looks like just another shooter. Far Cry 2 looks better.

Gears 2 will be a unique experience just like Gears 1. No game has been able to deliver the feel of playing a fast paced, high powered summer blockbuster like Gears of War, period.

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