1UP: Fable 2 Preview

1UP writes: "Fable 2 has gone gold and is on its way to retail. Whether it is actually finished is an entirely different debate (online co-op is coming in a postrelease patch), but regardless, you'll have a chance to play it starting Oct 21. In our recent hands-on preview of the game, we noted that Lionhead lead designer Peter Molyneux had "said enough" about the game -- which would be true for nearly any other developer -- but anyone that's followed the man and his previous releases knows that he's not one to back down from an interview.

Back at E3, Molyneux shared with us an anecdote about Lionhead composer Russell Shaw, with tears in his eyes after completing the game, telling a worried Molyneux that Fable 2 was the most incredible game he'd ever played. That isn't the first time that someone's told us that Fable 2's intended to tug mightily at players' heartstrings, so during a recent phone chat, we asked Molyneux to explain what makes it such an emotionally compelling experience."

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