Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Story DLC Release Month Announced with First Dramatic Teaser Trailer

Just like the end of Final Fantasy XV's first story DLC Episode Gladiolus unlocked a teaser trailer of Episode Prompto, the conclusion of the second DLC includes a tease of the third, Episode Ignis.

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EdMcGlone480d ago

This is probably the only one I'll honestly care much about. Ignis was an awesome character.

-Foxtrot480d ago

Hopefully after this they'll put their resources fully on FFXVI instead

Abriael480d ago

They already announced that it's gonna get its own version of GTA Online (basically) as fourth DLC.

BiggCMan480d ago

The 4th DLC is going to be a co-op based multiplayer mode with 4 players isn't it? Unless they have changed direction with it or something in which case I missed that news. I never heard anything about it being in the style of GTA Online.

Abriael480d ago

@BiggCMan: it is, but it's pretty much their take on the concept, IMHO.

XiNatsuDragnel480d ago

Ignis going to get face the main villain is pretty exciting.

Eamon479d ago

So this will be about how Ignis became blind.