1UP: Fallout 3 Preview

1UP writes: "With four hours to kill in the wreckage of Fallout 3's postapocalyptic America, I've decided to record my journey in liveblog form. Only not really live, obviously, due to an embargo. With coffee in hand and pastry in belly, I'm off to kill dudes, tweak stats, and find stuff, for your vicarious pleasure.

9:06am: I was hoping to experience the now-infamous first-person birth that kicks off Fallout 3's character building and training intro, but I've been fast-forwarded to the moment before the opening of the vault to save time for further exploration. It's probably for the best.

9:08am: It's been said before, but the way you're introduced to the world of Fallout is extremely cool -- a blinding light that slowly fades, revealing a rocky vista of rubble and grass. Expired buildings loom in the distance. Fittingly, a sign posted on the cliff just below reads: 'Scenic View.'"

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