GamesRadar: Ubersoldier II Review

GamesRadar writes: "The Nazi/occult setting has been a mainstay of computer gaming since Blake Stone ate his first bowl of dog food, but UberSoldier II actually manages to remove the joy from foiling Hitler's mystical shenanigans. FPS cliches abound: battle environments include a moving train, a war-torn city, and a Goldeneye-style communications platform. AI-challenged baddies differentiated only by the weapon they carry and their durability run directly into your line of fire as you pick them off with your pistol, single-shot rifle, machine gun, or flamethrower. Those are ho-hum trappings even for a budget title."

You'll love

* Generous ammo drops
* Can attain godlike power
* Frenzied bloodbaths

You'll hate

* FPS cliches up the wazoo
* AI-challenged baddies
* Ugly animations and music

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