Lament Of A PC Gamer For A Quality Wild West Sandbox

This essay contributes to the discussion about the lack of a quality PC sandbox game set in the Wild West. Where is the PC version of something like Red Dead Redemption?

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MattDavisIP2286d ago

Yepp true m8. I would love to get my hands on Dead Redemption PC version :D

BWTrail2286d ago

There enough good development companies that could make a quality game, and there are so many crappy games published all the time that I really don't understand why one hasn't been made.

BWTrail2285d ago

Any opinions on why developers have not put effort into creating a quality sandbox set in the Wild West for PC?


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Yuki's Roguelike Action Unleashes a Mixed Reality Mode in October

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frosika321h ago

I definitely cannot wait. Growing up with beat em ups and shoot em ups arcades in the 90s was a true joy and gem back in the days. This reminds me exactly of batrider, twin cobra, and others...


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