BioWare's Mass Effect in development for PS3?

Is BioWare currently developing for PS3? Well, word on the interweb says a tentative yes.

According to a report on Shacknews, BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka apparently let slip to gamers attending the Video Games Live concert in Edmonton, Canada earlier in the week that the dev's working with Sony's new console

There's been no follow-up confirmation or denial from the studio as yet, but we're hoping to prise that from its jaws later today.

Should BioWare be developing for PS3, would it be its shooter-RPG Mass Effect that's to grace the console as well as Xbox 360? Or does the developer have plans to release its yet-to-be-fully-announced MMORPG on the machine? Or would it be an entirely new IP?

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Maddens Raiders5222d ago

New I was a minute too late!

NewZealander5222d ago

If bioware r makeing a ps3 game it wont be Mass Effect, microsoft wont let it happen as They r the publishers behind this game.

andy capps5221d ago

Have you seen the "Only on Xbox 360" sticker on Enchanted Arms? Yeah, that's coming to PS3. Exclusives are going to be very hard to come by this early in the game with all consoles having a low installed base. You'll see that more in a couple years I think, if at all. Games are getting too expensive to make.

Grown Folks Talk5221d ago

microsoft is the publisher of mass effect. they didn't publish enchanted arms.

xXbebofisherXx5221d ago

ubisoft controls enchanted arms. they do what they want. but bioware is colaborating with microsoft game studios to make mass effect. so if it isnt exclusive to 360 then itll will be a pc title also. not ps3.

andy capps5221d ago

You could very well be right, I'm just saying I wouldn't be completely surprised if Bioware figured a nuance in the contract that allowed them to bring Mass Effect to the PS3. I'm thinking it's maybe a new iteration of KOTOR, Jade Empire, or something along those lines. I doubt it would be a PS3 exclusive at this point though, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

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Maddens Raiders5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

I think its, "never say never". Especially when it comes to video games, big guy. Bioware is an independent entity, not endentured servants to Bill Gates. =]

SuperSaiyan45222d ago

no no no you got it wrong! the normal case is that 1) PS3 games get canned and 2) PS3 games get ports FROM yes FROM the 360 not the other way around ;-)

Also if you can read and I am sure you can Mass Effect is an EXCLUSIVE yes EXCLUSIVE to the Xbox 360 and is part of a trilogy.

achira5221d ago

you know the reality is different.

Scythesean5221d ago

wait isn't a few games like VF5 and Fatal Intera Being Ported to the 360 from the PS3? I know there are more not sure what the names are....

gnothe15222d ago

if Ms is the PUBLISHER of this game then the PS# will NEVER see this game!just like GOW,Viva pinata an other MS published games!!