The best of secret E3 - the non-Triple-As you need on your radar!

E3 is a big bells and whistles event dominated by Triple-A titles and their rich AF publishers, but behind the big lights and big screens are some hidden gems not associated in that camp. We found 5!

Here's an excerpt:

"Turn-based in its delivery while in battle, but also featuring real-time traversal and puzzles in both an overworld and in dungeons (that are Diablo-like in their quasi procedural generation), Battle Chasers: Nightwar takes the best from the rest and marries it altogether in a bright, colourful and indelible presentation. A deep combat system built from player-progression, item-management and a steady hand in the long game will also keep the RPG and JRPG lovers out there engaged for hours, while comic lovers can finally rejoice that Joe Mad’s Battle Chasers characters are alive, animated and presenting themselves just as they’d hoped (next stop guys -- animated series or movie? Make it happen!).

Beyond all of the above, Nintendo Switch owners can also be happy this is not only another game landing on their new platform to flesh out their library, but is also a quality game that will be a perfect portable option for that console’s other strength in its handheld form. Lock it in."

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