Have you jumped ship from Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite?

Are you one of the understandably many who has sworn off MvCI because of how it's being handled? Or are you still interested in giving it a shot purely on its gameplay?

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FunAndGun568d ago

I absolutely can not get over how bad the art direction is.

DaFeelz568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

The art direction is indeed horrendous. I'm switching over to that new DBZ fighter. Which is the 1st time I've ever seen a DBZ game look EXACTLY like the cartoon. The reviews MvC are gonna have to be stellar for me to even consider it. Right now, MvC is a definite maybe but, probably not.

gangsta_red568d ago

Agreed, I thought the art was bad in SFV, this is beyond that in every way. And the gameplay looks slow to boot.

Not to mention reading all the noob friendly combos Capcom is incorporating into this game. I just don't understand what these guys are doing.

3-4-5567d ago

Yea the Art Direction is enough for me to not want to play petty as that sounds, I just can't really get into it.

I like the brighter colors and style of the 2D sprites of older fighting games.

King of Fighters 13 was a beautiful modern 2D sprite fighting game that showed it can be down in the modern gaming era and still look good and be appealing.

* Capcom has lost their way in the fighting genre when it comes to art style and character design.

Whoever is in charge over there has poor taste.

Der_Kommandant568d ago

I can't wait to never play this game ever.

Ethereal568d ago

I was a bit disappointed with the demo. The art direction is one of the reasons I loved the series. It always looked so awesome to see animated sprites that looked right out of a comic book. Even MVC3 had the comic book appeal. Honestly, I am with everyone else, that DBZ fighter looks amazing...

DELTABOY04568d ago

character models for some of them are not great but the gameplay is solid af..the infiniti gem system is great and at least it has some type of story...but i understand the spiderman/xmen is terrible also

georeo568d ago

How come they don't have xmen/Spider-Man?

Servbot41568d ago

Spiderman will definitely be DLC, but no X-Men is because Disney is desperately trying to make the X-Men brand less well known so they can (eventually) snag back the movie licenses from Fox. Obviously it's not working, because both Deadpool and Logan are up there with current MCU movies, Logan probably being better than most. If Fox can keep up this quality (which, knowing Fox is always a 50/50 chance) there's no way they'll be getting those rights back for cheap within the next two decades, if not longer. They'd be better off collaborating and making money now, than trying (and failing) to get the rights back before the superhero movie genre dries up.

Injusticewarrior568d ago

Fox/Sony own the rights. Not marvel/Disney.

Enigma_2099568d ago

Spider-man's not in it?!?!?!

... F*ck this game.

TheOttomatic91568d ago

Jumped ship is going a bit too far but after that demo I am very cautious to see how the final product is. Will wait for feedback before I Purchase said product.

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The story is too old to be commented.