One Life Review Way of the Samurai: Can we beat it with just one life?

One Life Review Way of the Samurai, Three bards challenge themselves to complete as many games as they can using only a single life!

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ApocalypseShadow1137d ago

This was an awesome game after Acquire made Tenchu. I still have it and go back to play it from time to time. You could beat the game in 5 minutes or 1 hour to get the best ending with all the people coming together.

The one on one was like the old Bushido Blade game only in an arena. Wish you could change the backgrounds on that part but still great. And all those weapons. And the beginning trailer was so Japanese with the music.

If you liked the music of Tenchu, the music here was just as epic. Anyway, once you got good at playing the game and knowing your chosen weapon, it's range and weapon durability, then it was easy to beat the game with one life.

ajroberts1136d ago

The game went completely under the radar, I was surprised about how good it was. It had almost perfected a mechanic that developers are still struggling to get right. There was a narrative but you had complete control over what happened.