First gameplay footage Paperboy for the Xbox Live Arcade

This is the first gameplay video for Paperboy for the Xbox Live Arcade. Very enjoyable!

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iballa4917d ago

I cannot wait for this to come out. I loved this game as a kid!

THAMMER14916d ago

I loved this game too. The bonus at the end of the levels was fun as [email protected]

Ravenator5294916d ago

They can keep it! Just emulate these stupid games on your PC!

PS360PCROCKS4916d ago

this is a great game but raven is right you can emulate this for free

Sphinx4916d ago

No biggie to me... I'll probably end up getting it if it's around $5... just to be able to play it on my big screen... then again, probably not.

uxo224916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

I agree you'll spend $5 worth of your time download emulators, and getting the game before you can play it on your PC. As the gentleman said earlier it'll be nicer to play on your big screen. Lastly its nice having a central location where you play your games instead of running back and forth between your console and your pc to play games. This game is a classic and for 5 bucks, the purchase is a no brainer.

Ravenator5294916d ago

I do play them on my big screen through emulation. I have a PC with emulators hooked to my 52" through a VGA cable.

Obviously I know not everyone does this but I can at least tell you that the novelty of playing them on a big screen wares off in about 10 minutes.

bigmack4916d ago

xbox gets this can keep it. we can ruin your fun too.haha. say what you want.

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