Famitsu - 4 New PSP Games

The weekly issue of Famitsu has revealed 4 new games for the PSP.

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sinncross3668d ago

I wonder if there are any other PSP announcements...

PPGN3668d ago

Well Sony has 3 unannounced titles being shown at TGS 2008. ;) (October 9-13)

sinncross3668d ago

I just hope the ones famitsu showed are those!

TheMART3668d ago

Lets hope they speak about LBP on the PSP on the upcoming TGS!

LuvBurger3668d ago

That would be beyond words

Host Samurai_3668d ago

Its sucks that the portables are getting all of the "cool" games this gen, while consoles are flooded with FPS,sandbox and online MP trash.

what a shame, I HATE gaming on handhelds, but I must admit, the handheld games this gen are by faaar more interesting than generic crap like Call of Duty etc.

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