The Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release is another slap in the face of fans

Mic writes: "Activision's standalone release of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered' reeks of cash grab."

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Aenea1492d ago

Why? isn't this what the fans have been wanting them to do for a while now?

Sometimes it feels like it doesn't matter what you do, someone always is upset

thekhurg1492d ago

This article is stupid. Prior to CoD's release when the remake was announced countless people said "I'll wait for stand alone version".

Well, here it is. It's not a slap in anyone's face, it's what many gamers asked for.

Cy1492d ago

It's, stupid is par for the course there.

AcidDvl1492d ago

The game is full of microtransactions, costs $40 with a shortage of content and some of it was cut and is being sold for $15.

This stand alone costs $40 + $15 + microtransactions.

threefootwang1492d ago

I think the stupid part is that the DLC isn't even included.

I'm glad it's standalone now, but $40 + DLC isn't worth it in my mind.

zackeroniii1492d ago

i'll give the author props that thumbnail is pretty funny hehe

SolidStoner1492d ago

not slap in a face, instead I will slap them in the face by not buying it anyway, its too late, you had to release it from the beginning!

InTheLab1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

It's a slap in the face because of its price, it's age, and the extra $15 for the remaining maps.

This game also isn't cod4. It's an m16 headglitch fest filled with microtransactions.

AND IT'S MONTHS TOO LATE as WWII is out in a few months. Lobbies will be dead here app or people will be hanging out in blops 3...

No one wanted this

morganfell1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

The real slap in the face? Seeing this article get approved...

"No one wanted this"

Oh stop it already. At least be honest. YOU didn't want them, to want this. But they do so give it a rest. Legions of people wanted this. All the people that really do not want this are completely free and unhindered to vote with their wallet and walk...while their friends buy it.

Army_of_Darkness1492d ago

It's pretty clear that people do want this, otherwise Activision wouldn't be selling an old game and it's dlc separately lol! What's sad is that gamers are actually buying it....

XanderZane1492d ago

Yeah, but a 10 year old game isn't worth $40, plus another $15 for the Variety pack maps that should come with the game anyways. I wouldn't even waste my money on this crap. Everyone knows Activision is a very greedy, money hungry corporation. It's one of the reasons I stopped getting the CoD games.

Kleptic1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

^this though...

'Everyone knows Activision is a very greedy, money hungry corporation. It's why I stopped....'

'Everyone knows McDonald's is unhealthy. It's why I stopped...'

McDonald's sells like a billion hamburgers a year or w/e. Activision, and CoD specifically, are the gaming equivalent of that. Who cares? Just don't buy it if it annoys you. This is no different than saying 'even though McD's now sells breakfast all day, it should've happened sooner, and $3 is too much'...doesn't matter; you care, but you're inside the 1%, and they know that...because these tactics continue to print money.

All I'm getting at is that CoD 4 was really really good at the time...It released not long after what was supposed to shut down the genre permanently (Halo 3), and walked all over it. A standalone remaster of what is without question one the most significant games of the past decade, and the best CoD game of all time by a landslide...might land with different people...differently. I get they changed some things, didn't fix others, etc...but the main demographic for this doesn't care; it's one of those titles that even when f'd up by message board standards, is wanted by a lot of people...............and they posted about it on message boards...all the time.

UltraNova1491d ago

1st why was this article approved?

2nd why would Activision wait 4 months before WW2 to release the damn standalone version of COD?

3rd 40 dollars is just too much, especially after all the backlash they received last November.

4th the cherry on the top....15 bucks for dlc...

Damn Activision you really dont give a single shit about what we think...

UKmilitia1491d ago

i think its the price more than anything

indysurfn1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Look at that Photo....Is that a tear? Tears are clear. Or is that something else dripping from his eye? I mean come on. Tears are not milky, that's nasty! No wonder people keep making fun if this game, and calling it call of dooty.

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DaNxtLT1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Because they've already altered the base game that was supposed to be "as close to the original as possible" with DLC guns and re-released the variety map pack for $5 more than it originally costed and split up the already small player base (this was after people left because of supply drops adding in guns) and then release the PREORDER BONUS, for $40, WITHOUT THE MAPS THAT COST ANOTHER $15!

On top of this, the IW bundle is $50 now instead of 80 or 100 whatever it cost at first.

It's really just a case of too little too late, they fucked all of their hardcore fans that were super excited about it, and fucked up the original game before the standalone players even got to buy it

1492d ago
Nathan_Hale531492d ago

The price of it is kinda cash grabby. I mean $40 is very steep since they are charging for DLC. Either it is $30-40 with DLC or $20-25 where you pay for DLC. Oh yeah, and Microtransactions. Not like they make enough money as it is.

thatguyhayat1492d ago

When a remaster is done it comes with everything from the original game. This remaster has micro transactions on a shit level

Aenea1492d ago

But this article is about releasing it as a standalone being a slap in the face of fans, not about the price, MTs or anything else...

biblesosus1492d ago

@Aenea Reading is hard!

"Finally, after nine months, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is getting a standalone release. Not content to sit on the cash it already squeezed out of the game, Activision has announced that instead of the $20 that the game sold for via the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition bundle, you'll have to pay $40 for the standalone. Also, you don't get the Variety Map Pack with it; you can go ahead and pay another $15 for that.

The standalone and the map pack combined almost add up to the $60 MSRP of a brand new title. Charging $55 for the remaster of a game that's a decade old is ridiculous, especially given that in three and a half months Call of Duty: WW2 is releasing for around that price.

Long story short: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a bad deal with almost a year's history of Activision constantly squeezing customers for more. Fans that have supported the Call of Duty franchise for years and given hundreds of dollars to Activision for each yearly release are getting screwed over so they can play a game they already played ten years ago. My advice is to vote with your wallet, and wait until this game is on sale. A reasonable price would be $20 with the map pack, $55 just isn't cutting it."

biblesosus1492d ago

I don't know of a single fan who's asked to pay more than the game is worth just for a hard copy of the game. So, no.

glennhkboy1492d ago

What we don't anticipate is that Activion intent to charge $40 on Modern Warfare, than charge another $20 for the Variety Map Pack. I personally thought that $20-$30 is a reasonable price. Now I don't think I'll buy, at this price.

_-EDMIX-_1491d ago

I feel like the people who are writing these articles might need to focus on actually making money as opposed to complaining about things that cost money.

So Activision was looking to make money? I mean should their goal be to not make any money at all?

InTheLab1490d ago

Dude the work is already done over 9 years ago. A simple remaster can be done by a small group who were paid for with the legacy addition many times over. Add in the map pack that's 5 dollars more than what they originally charged for them 10 years ago, and you have greed.

Profits at the expense of your fan base is why CoD in on the decline. There's better ways of making money. A $20 bonus content in the legacy edition shouldn't cost more than the base game if you add the variety map pack.

InKnight7s1491d ago

It suppose to be like this from the start no excuse to attach mw to IW except to boost sales and its so dirty move.

DJStotty1491d ago

I think its slap in the face of those that paid £70 just to get the remaster. Only reason they did that was to inflate sales for infinite warfare.

This game should have been standalone from the start

spicelicka1491d ago

No. People wanted standalone for $40 at launch, not 8 months after release. It's a $20-$30 game.

CrimsonWing691491d ago

Seriously, it's like they don't do it and include it as an incentive/bonus to purchase a tier version of a game. The internet loses their minds over it, so here you all go now you can buy it and the internet once again has to complain...

Welcome to the whiny society we live in now... man I miss the 90s.

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Yohshida1492d ago

Activision should be crowned worst company of the year

affrogamer1492d ago

they can kiss my a** with their $39.99 price tag

Injusticewarrior1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

No it's always EA.
They treat thier employees and customers like sh#t.

Chexs19901491d ago

But Activision treat all gamers like s***t and have lost all contact with realistic price points.

Jaypi031491d ago

@Specimen79 Based on what evidence? EA has been known to be one of the best places to work for a lot of poeple, they may not always be on part with games, but as an employer they seem pretty great.

Activision is FAR more anti consumer, at least EA allows games like Garden Warfare 2 and Tifanfall 2 to exist, and they both got free updates, Activision wouldn't allow free updates if it killed them.

BadElf1491d ago

EA is doing better.( I know, ODD)

cfc831492d ago

Is the hit detection still deplorable ? i gave black ops 2 a spin earlier, and the final kill was the worst hit detection i've ever saw. A sniper from close range missing by an absolute mile, and he got the kill. It was that bad i'm getting rid of the game to free up space.

Summons751491d ago

Wouldn't be surprised. Since COD 4 could unload all the ammo you have into someone's head running with a knife and they would still kill you unharmed. I never thought about hit detection because COD has the worst connection of any online game I have played.

armchairDev1491d ago

Ugh, that's what Hardcore mode is for..

pingthing1492d ago

This may be a bit radical but hey I got an idea, buy it or don't buy it, simple.

quenomamen1492d ago

If you're a COD fan then you're probably used to being shat on.

rezzah1491d ago

That is what it means to be a CoD fan, it has been this way for a long time now.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1491d ago

hahahahaha your comment made me laugh out loud in the office xD

agent45321491d ago

Gamers will buy it because is call of duty. They are weak when it comes to popular franchises but failed to buy Titanfall 2 because guess what call of duty and battlefield two worn out franchises. Gamers love getting shaft because they refuse to buy pro consumer games