How the PS4 is doing vs the PS3/360 when launches are aligned

Here is a look at how the PS4 is doing vs the PS3/360 when launches are aligned.

PS4 at 60m after 14 quarters.

PS3 was 35.7m
360 was 30.2m

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Nyxus484d ago

PS4 is selling about as well as the PS3 and 360 combined:

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thekhurg483d ago

AKA slaughtering the competition this generation.

Leeroyw483d ago

But still every 19 year old game journalist tries to tell us that consoles are dead.
Slow clap.
Great work Sony. Good job so far.

TheDreamCorridor483d ago

*PC gamer looks at sales figures*

*autictsc screeching commences*

_-EDMIX-_483d ago

lol be like "with less people buying consoles, could this be the end?"

shloobmm3483d ago

the interesting thing is that if the most recent news is true that Xbox One is outpacing both of them also. X1 has surpassed 36 million

nineby9483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Source? The XBOne is < 30 million... Outpaced by the 360

zivtheawesome483d ago

It was already confirmed as an incorrect estimate.

Dark_Knightmare2483d ago

lol I'm sorry but the x1 isn't even close to sniffing 36 million. The recent estimates have it at 30 million at best

trooper_482d ago

Unless you have a source, you're spreading falsehood.

But continue living in dreamworld.

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Miss_Weeboo484d ago

Damn! On the other hand it's kind of logical, Sony took MS market, the combined numbers of PS3/360s

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GTgamer483d ago

Sony put their straw in MS milkshake and they just keep drinking it all up.

SolidStoner483d ago

Sony left some dirt at the bottom of that milkshake, they only drink the good part, everything else like digital only, DRM, overprice and bad reputation left to MS for the next gen, seems like they never learn anyway, they just want our money so bad...

Critic4l_Strik3483d ago

Mmmm milkshake...kinda want to have one now.

DrJones482d ago


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Aenea484d ago

The power of games and innovation!

They dare to try new stuff, let studios do their own thing, create new ways to play games (VR) and it works.

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donthate483d ago

I didn't know Sony's anti-consumerism is apparently innovation, but if you are a fanboy and spend all your time spreading salt then

UCForce483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

I think real exclusive game on PS4 are dominated. There is no way Xbox One X can make a comeback especially how lack of Xbox One Exclusive is. Like I said before, First Party Exclusive Game is the strongest point of console.

Dark_Knightmare2483d ago

You come to almost every Sony article to troll that's pathetic

Aenea483d ago

You can't be serious, right? Bloody hilarious!

So what's anti-cosumerism of Sony? The cross-play thing? The no BC thing? What else can you come up with?

Do you have any idea, at all, what MS has done in the past 35 years?

_-EDMIX-_483d ago

Starts list



Its hard to just call folks who own a PS4 a "fanboy" when the numbers suggest they might likely be old 360 gamers. Think about it.

If you bought Bioshock, Lost Planet, Mass Effect etc, many of those reasons for buying a 360, are not reasons to buy XONE, so they saw great reason to just buy a PS4 and have it all as suppose to some.

PS4 has VR
XONE doesn't.

By default, it is doing something more innovated then XONE.

trooper_482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

Look in the mirror.

Also, I didn't know protecting your consumer base from the competition is anti-consumerism.

Please, show me the petitions regarding BC and crossplay to prove me wrong.

bluefox755482d ago

Perhaps you should consider a name change, lol.

JackBNimble482d ago

I don't think you're old enough to even know what anti consumer even means.
Remember the start of this gen and how MS chased all the smart grown ups away... do you remember why that happened?

Ya, I thought so 🤣

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firelogic483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

A better comparison would be how the PS4 is doing vs the PS2 launch aligned. Last I heard the PS4 was outpacing the PS2.

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_-EDMIX-_483d ago

@Fire- Now that is chart I'd want to see.

FallenAngel1984483d ago

Might as well add Wii shipments to compare PS4 to ALL 7th gen consoles

conanlifts483d ago

I have heard repeatedly that wii sales do not count.

OmnislashVer36483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Yeah but Wii's greatest selling game was Wii Sports, selling more than Mario Kart, Zelda, and Mario Galaxy combined. Sad to say but their sales were inflated by physical therapists and soccer moms, not core audience gamers. So it's a bit irrelevant considering that short-lived success is now why they're in last place.

conanlifts483d ago

@ omnislash . I think past a certain point the core gamers have already purchased the games console. It is then up to soccer moms and physical therapists to lift sales. Just for information my comment was meant as a joke, I personally hated the Wii as a games console.

JBaby343483d ago

I'm a physical therapist and have treated multiple people for Wii injuries. I've heard of it being used therapeutically but in my experience it has had the opposite effect. I always laughed a little inside when someone told me they hurt themselves playing a Wii.

Servbot41482d ago

It's hard to say if the Wii "counts." On the one hand, it was a console and it had actual full-fledged games, some of them the best of their genre of the generation (Xenoblade, Mario Galaxy, etc); but on the other, most of the consumers who bought it used it for nothing more than Wii Sports/Fit or Carnival Games and and other shovelware titles.

Sure, you can argue that SOME of the other consoles of this generation and last were sold primarily as Netflix or Bluray devices, but its more fair to say MOST Wii systems were used as a "something grandma can use to pretend to bowl" rather than "console for games."

It's in a similar situation with mobile gaming: can you really call the people who "game" primarily on a phone "gamers?" Does the mobile market even count as a platform for gaming when most of it is littered with clones and F2P moneysinks akin to gambling?

bluefox755482d ago

It doesn't really make sense comparing it, because it's not the same demographic. For the same reason we don't really consider mobile gamers when talking about the gaming community, because they're not really gamers in most cases. They have no interest in consoles or PC gaming, they just like to play candy crush or something (which is totally fine btw, but doesn't make sense to factor in these numbers when we're talking about different demos). It was the same deal with Wii, it was essentially a console for non-gamers, and in that regard it was a great success, but for the same reason we don't consider candy crush in these conversations, we don't really consider Wii sports either.

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LAWSON72483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

There was an article on it recently. IIRC Wii was 65M and PS4 was 60M,
Edit found it

PhoenixUp483d ago

How you gonna post an article and then post the wrong numbers from that very same article?

That article clearly shows that PS4 sold 58 million in its first 42 months while Wii sold 69.5 million in the same timeframe

LAWSON72483d ago (Edited 483d ago )


Can you read?

My reply said if I remember correcty (so guessing), and then says EDIT added a link for the article so those who wanted the accurate numbers could see them.

I did not say I know for an absolute fact and my memory was spot.

I was being kind enough to dig up the link and share it for those interested in the numbers so fuck off.

PhoenixUp483d ago

How you remember the PS4 total being higher and the Wii total being lower

LAWSON72483d ago


As I said you cannot read I was guessing before I found the link, I found the link after and shared the actual article that supplied the details.

I supplied information by guessing at what I remember from the article a while back, excuse me for not remembering such meaningless data from June 9. I did not try to say I was right and I was spot on accurate, so quit implying that I was trying to inaccurately portray the figures. I was curious to find the numbers and did so. You fanboys kill me, and make me wonder why the hell I even comment on this damn site. Your heads are just so far up your own asses, it blows my mind.

But yeah genious you caught me, I actually work for Sony marketing and my goal at the company is to admittedly guess sales numbers and then supply accurate sales data to prove my point. Give this man a medal.

moegooner88483d ago

VG Chartz actually under-tracked the PS4 by more than 2 million units ? Wowza.

XanderZane482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

The Wii is still beating the PS4. Do you have a comparison for the PS2 as well?

Wii has a 11+ million lead at the 41 month point. Interesting. I still would like to see the PS2 comparison as well.

Total Lead: 11,477,088 – Wii

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 58,032,855

Wii Total Sales: 69,509,943

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