When the going got tough, Nintendo and Microsoft decided to go for broke on video-game strategy

Facing speculation that they would have to reboot or rethink their video game businesses to respond to rival Sony’s dominance, Nintendo and Microsoft instead doubled down on what makes their devices stand out.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen533d ago

I don't think either Nintendo or Microsoft understands why they're being left behind by Sony. One has a software support problem and the other has a problem releasing decent hardware and they still don't get it.

Krysis533d ago

You see the problem with your comment is about the switch hardware being decent, I own a switch after being skeptical and it's more than decent and they have developed the highest rated exclusive this gen in Zelda. Sure it's not going to run the next elder scrolls but it's a great platform and apparently the new Super Mario is fantastic.

gamer7804533d ago

It doesn't have proper built in online functionality and never will, Nintendo refuses to learn from their mistakes.

VforVideogames533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

PS4 Pro say hi!

Krysis533d ago

@VforVideogames your fanboy comment should have said PS4 says hi cause the pro sells like 20% of PS4 numbers

_-EDMIX-_533d ago

? you can like Zelda, that isn't an issue, but that game is also on the Wii U.

At the end of the day, Switch is a dated platform, by default it won't support the latest AAA titles.

Could you imagine how much better Zelda could have been on what XONE and PS4 have? Its already a great game like you stated, you think MORE advance tech would make it worse? as if those frame rate issues were just amazing? As if the cell shading didn't look dated and cheap? Come on bud, they could pull off something amazing if they can just get their hands on the hardware in the first place.

You can like Mario bud, but Nintendo has been losing fans at a RAPID RATE because of making that dated hardware and losing so much 3rd party support.

Consider Switch is a portable and they don't even make STAND ALONE home consoles anymore because of the Wii U.

PS4 and XONE basically shoved them out of that market. Them being portable only basically shows just how much those choices have hurt their fanbase and marketshare. You can LITERALLY look the sales over the last 10 years and see the decline.

Like I stated, you can like Zelda, but that isn't an excuse for crap, dated hardware.

Krysis533d ago

@edmix well bud switch being dated is your opinion not fact. Yeah bud its not as powerful as PS4 and Xbox but it was not meant to be bud. It was meant as a hybrid bud and is great for what it is. Maybe bud go to work for Nintendo and you can have a say in how things are done, cause unless it's a Sony product you bash it so it's hard to take fanboys serious bud.

_-EDMIX-_532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

@Kry- No, it is a fact that the hardware its using is lessor then PS4 and XONE, thus dated.

Not sure why you are arguing against a objective, factual number....

Its a portable. "hybrid" lol, sure, what ever helps you sleep at night.

By that logic, everything that can go on a tv is a "hybrid".

You seem to be in your feelings that Nintendo's no longer in the home console market lol

From Market leader, to last place, to out of the market and only making mobile hardware.

Be like "Sure it's not going to run current generation games, but its a great platform" LMFAO!

Sure, if you like last gen games. =)

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B1uBurneR533d ago

Good read. I wouldn't put Xbox & Nintendo in the same category in this article though.

Combined years on the console market is a wide margin lots of years to learn from but with that mentality Nintendo should be running shit in hardware sales instead it's Sony.

MS & Nitty squandered in their success last Gen & didn't double down this gen on hardware and games. The company that did was Sony so they deserve all they've gotten. But the Hare & the turtle cycles continues even in mid gen.

_-EDMIX-_533d ago


Last gen, Nintendo had so many openings to buy teams to BUILD ON Wii's success.....yet they didn't.

They let Sony, a publisher that had the 3rd least hardware sales, buy MORE TEAMS then them.

They paid for that laziness with the home console market. They would likely still be making home consoles today if the actually bought some teams last gen.

Altus was open for sale too, Nintendo just makes stupid decisions, so dumb that they are text book business moves.

Double down on teams, capitalize on the install base.

I'm sorry folks, but WTF did Nintendo do with the money they got from Wii?

LMFAO! Ok, yet Sony bought MORE studios last gen and is LANDSLIDE winning this gen SOOO much that they caused Nintendo to stop making home consoles and go portable only? How?

Nintendo's biggest enemy are themselves. Sony may be beating them, but it seems Nintendo's dumb enough to keep doing dumb things.

Its 2017 and they are STRUGGLING to have a voice chat, something that was done in 2002.

This company is just as dumb as it gets and it seems they need to have MASSIVE FAILURES for them to realize, ok....maybe stop doing the stupid thing that is resulting in lost sales. (yet keeps doing those dumb things) I don't know what to tell you folks.

I don't get how a company is this dumb, that they are having a hard time with features from 2002. Someone is seriously trying to run that company into the ground, its best to just say this is some sort of sleep cell in the company with stock prices somewhere else to gain by the companies failure or something, cause I for the life of me don't get how a company can be this incompetent.

So 100 million Wii's sold, Nintendo doesn't reward their fans by buying more teams.
PS3 sells less then Wii.....Sony buys MORE TEAMS DURING that gen.

So....what we are to believe, is even PS3 selling less, results in Sony buying more teams, yet
Wii selling MORE didn't result in Nintendo buying more teams?

Let me guess, the idiots disagreeing just HATE more games and LOVE publishers treating them like crap?

InTheLab532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

You have to remember the wii was dirt cheap to make and sold for 2 or 3 times cheaper than the ps3 which ended up selling 14 million less consoles than the wii placing Sony at second last gen. Sony overtook MS in year 6 if I'm not mistaken.

Otherwise I totally agree with you here. I think part of the problem is the media continues to give them a pass. Not saying Zelda is a bad game but if MS or Sony produced that game it would have a 70 metascore.

Why create new games when you could just kidnap peach for the 40th time? Why buy or create new studios when the old guard is still making 97 metascore games, right?


I think the Xbox one X will surprise like the switch did.

gbsrnctaln533d ago

Not a chance in hell. Its for the diehards only. It will have a VERY lukewarm launch, and once the upgraders will striggle mightily.

gamer7804533d ago

For those interested in 4k video, 4kbd and games it is the only way to go really. If you don't have a 4k tv there really is no reason to get it yah

Chevalier533d ago

At $500 that seems rather doubtful

InTheLab532d ago

At the begging of this gen, 3 million bought a base X1. Surely that's possible as many will upgrade but the problem is, you're not attracting new gamers to xbox. Upgrades don't matter overall.

I do think UHD bluray will help but unlike with ps3, a cheaper player is out there in the form of xb1s or an actual bluray player for even less.

MegamanXXX533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

I think the biggest problem is that Microsoft just don't have that one exclusive game to buy an Xbox one X for $500 dollars. I hope they prove me wrong though because it's not Crackdown for me especially since I'll be able to play it on PC and Xbox one S.

SaveFerris533d ago

Hasn't MS used this strategy at least twice before with the OG Xbox, and 360, and tried to do it with the XBone? That is, having the most powerful console in the market? Only this time, with even less output from first-party studios, and a focus on BC, instead of reviving fan-favourites of IP's such as Crimson Skies, or a new Conker game.

bumbleforce533d ago

When Microsoft showed the x1 for the first time and it gave the bad message they sealed there fate. However they were running off the success of the 360 and if it would have been equally as powerful and they never did that from crap I think they would of been winning right now. Right now the x1x allows them to have the b3st looking games but I bet they can't wait for Sony to release a ps5 so they can do an x2 and start fresh leaving x1 behind