IGN: Call of Duty: World at War DS Hands-On

The top first-person shooters of last year had an unsung hero. Call of Duty 4, the now-flagship title of developer Infinity Ward may still be one of the most played XBL titles out there, but on the opposite side of the industry, a cult favorite was being born with its pocket counterpart. N-Space's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare came hot off the heels of Nintendo's own Metroid Prime Hunters, and while it lacked the online play and development time for some of the extras on player's wishlists, it was an impressive FPS offering on a system that looks to be seeing even less of a shooter effort than even the port-heavy GBA.

The team is back again this year though, and after some extra development time, a stronger, more focused design based on last year's feedback, and even more drive to create DS's top shooter, IGN is now getting some hands-on time with Call of Duty: World at War for Nintendo DS.

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