GTA IV Trophy List Revealed

PS3Trophies.co.uk has uploaded a list of trophies for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 4. No word on whether these trophies are retroactive or not yet. Full list on their site.

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SullyDrake5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

This little bit of incentive is not just good as Trophies, but shows that Rockstar is committed to giving PS3 owners the complete experience, and I now have that little extra push I needed to finally complete the game and replay it. I was waiting for this patch though, but I've been catching up on older gems in the meantime like Uncharted, Burnout Paradise, and Warhawk, not to mention MGS4.

Can't wait to get 100% and the Platinum.

I expect MGS4 to come soon after.

Jamie Foxx5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

the game absolutely bored me to tears,theres too many games due to be released that warrant my attention more...

Chubear5480d ago

Trophies are a great incentive to re-play your past games but only if you thoroughly enjoyed them in the first place. This will be great for some but I just can't see me going through GTA IV for trophies at all.

It got to that 33% complete point where I just couldn't give a damn any more no matter how hard I tried.

Pass... but bring in Heavenly Sword, Lair & MGS4 trophies and I'll gobble them up right quick for sure.

Microsoft_Spokesman5480d ago

Damn. I would of done these trophies but too bad I traded in GTA4 :(.

juuken5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

Yeah Jamie, I agree. I couldn't get into GTAIV, no matter how hard I tried. The other three and San Andreas were better. :/

I traded it in and got a PS2 game and Uncharted. And Uncharted rocks.

chaosatom5480d ago

JUST when I thought that older titles like COD4, MGS4, Resistance aren't ever going to support trophies, here comes a game that does!

And GTA is made for Trophies Support. I definitely look forward to it.

I didn't like the story, but doing wacky stuff is going to be cool.

iHEARTboobs5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

I have to disagree with you guys. I just bought GTA4 this past weekend for $30 (thank you craigslist). I've been playing it non-stop. I love it so far and i'm about 30% done with it. BUT, i'll have to admit, this is my first ever GTA game (yes i have been living under a rock) so i have NOTHING to compare it to. So although you guys don't like it, it's new to me and therefore probably the reason why I like it more than some of you.

chuck liddell5480d ago

I'm not trying to heat things up here but IMO completing the same boring game twice is freakin frustrating so don't be a trophys whore
or you will find your joystick hitting the wall 60 miles an hour ........... but wait look on the bright side you got a silver trophy good for you.

whoelse5480d ago

I'm happy about this because it will get me back into the game. Im a trophy whore!

solidt125480d ago

They are going to start advertising this game really hard this fall again for the holidays and this will be great for those who will be buying a PS3 this fall or those who haven't bought GTA IV yet.

Peter Griffin5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

when are they coming?

btw i really really hope theyre retroactive

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Rob0g0rilla5480d ago

They should add custom soundtracks to the game if they aren't retroactive.

blu3print5480d ago

i might want it go to far in the sense as to allow u to create more than 1 custom radio station based on ur music, so u can have different genres and custom music instead of everything (hip hop,alternative, rock) all playing on one station

user94220775480d ago

This will make the game so much better for what it is now.

bumnut5480d ago

acheivments/trophies are pointless.

trophies are even more pointless becuase not everygame supports them.

poopsack5480d ago

are games pointless? I mean we dont need them, but we enjoy them. does that make them pointless?

bumnut5480d ago

i think games are fun (or i would not be on this site)

acheivements and trophies are pointless and do not add to the experience of a game.

i play games for fun, not chasing acheivements

Official General5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

I agree with you. All this achievements and tropies stuff is real pointless. I mean why you gonna wanna spend so much time trying to compete with other gamers that you hardly know for most part to get the best gamescores? I am NOT saying that these features should be not be included in games - I just don't see whats the big deal many gamers make about them. I understand the feature's popularity amongst younger gamers but it's kinda comical to see grown-ass people get excited about scoring high points on video games and getting virtual/cyber rewards. You must have a lot of spare time on your hands and less of a social life to be putting in tons of work in trying get high points on games for achievements and trophies.

@ KnaveX - You cannot compare the relevance achievements/trophies to video games as a whole. You're trying to be smart, but you also sound silly at the same time. Video games are a virtual medium of entertainment, fun, fantasies and escaping/imitating reality, so the essential point of video games is to provide us with those and much less about getting high gamescores. So in that respect, there is more of a need to have video games, because apart for playing for fun you many people have a need to escape reality or immerse themselves in their own worlds. They do this by playing video games. Achievements and trophies are not essential in video games to provide these feelings so in way they can be seen as pointless. You can play simple quiz games or puzzles with friends if you find massive fun in just achieving high scores.

EDIT: I see I got disagrees....we must have some genuine geeks in here lol.

@ KnaveX - Your reply makes more sense now, so we are cool on that. (You are not included when I called out the geeks).

@ DiamondWolf - Thanks. I'm glad some people here understand me!

poopsack5480d ago

right back at ya with the trying to seem smart comment, im not gonna argue here, you have a point. But I wasnt comparing them as a whole, people find entertainment in competition. If you both dont find the fun in besting that guy you truly dont know or your best friend (in my case) then that doesnt mean others dont. I just think its a fun feature, its not really necesary for me, im getting naruto which has been confirmed to not have trophies, but im just saying, i see the point of trophies.

Diamondwolf5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

You're absolutely right! I mean way back in the day, people didn't gather around and compete on the arcades for the best high score. Oh yea, and arcade games didn't have a spot where you could put your initials in to dictate high score. Oh yea, and most games now don't have online leaderboards to show the best players in the world.

Who are you to tell people what they should and shouldn't enjoy in games. Sounds like you are telling people when they should or shouldn't play. People pay their money and have the right to enjoy games the way they want to, and if they like to compete then let them compete. Online Multiplayer isn't a necessity in games but we have it.

"You're trying to be smart, but you also sound silly at the same time"

Seems to me that you forgot what the true essence of gaming really is just like a lot of other "gamers" this generation.

Official General5480d ago

Damn, for a minute I thought you had agreed with me, but I see you were being sarcastic. Now let me set your stupid b*tch a*s straight. I think you should read my post again carefully because you start bleeding in your underwear with period blood squirts, or ripping out your hairbands and get defensive towards my comments. If you must know I had actually stated and highlighted:

"I am NOT saying that these features should be not be included in games - I just don't see whats the big deal many gamers make about them."

Now if you ask me, that statement clearly does NOT show me telling people what to enjoy and not enjoy in games. It clearly states that I am not against including this feature in video games. In fact, in my entire post I never told anyone not to do or not enjoy anything in games. I was simply stating my opinion and views on achievements/trophies, which as a member of N4G that I have the right and entitlement to do. If you dont like it then the choice you have is like this - you can either have proper debate about with me about this topic without being upset and defensive for nothing, or you simply should just shut the f*ck up and go and cry in a corner. Now thats me tellin YOU what can do, or not do......punk

mindedone5480d ago

I don't understand how you can call achievements pointless and then insult the adults that enjoy them, and then claim to have an intelligent conversation. The competition of acheivement collecting is enjoyable to some; the ad populum attacks are baseless.

bumnut5480d ago

i changed my mind achievements are great

Official General5480d ago

Damn whats up with some of you guys? Why are you getting upset over a difference of opinion on video games? Seriously you just need to chill. I never attacked achievements/trophies at all. Ok let me take back what I said - achievements/trophies are NOT pointless. Yes there are a great many gamers out there who enjoy them. All I said was that in MY VIEW I just cant see why gamers make such a big deal about them, especially older gamers. Now my views and opinions are NOT what dictates what happens in gaming and there is no need to worry about them so much, so you dont need to be crying. This is the last time I explain myself to all you punks.


Diamondwolf5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

Wow dude, you sure set my a** straight didn't you! *applauds* I don't even need to comeback because you did a pretty good job at making yourself look like the imbecile you are behind screen :) Congrats!

And to think I would actually have a good debate with you but I guess this wasn't the Gamer Zone *shrugs* my mistake

edit: forgot one last thing, dammit, I couldn't let it go


Time to take your own advice. I'll go ahead and humor you. I never stated or took your post serious, check my history and you'll see that I'm not your average fanboy, I just keep sh*t real. What you said in your post is that

"All this achievements and tropies stuff is real pointless"

then you follow up with

"You must have a lot of spare time on your hands and less of a social life to be putting in tons of work in trying get high points on games for achievements and trophies."

And again with

"In fact, in my entire post I never told anyone not to do or not enjoy anything in games"

While I agree with you when you said that you didn't dictate how people should enjoy, and I take back what I said about you dictating how people should enjoy their games, but you did blatantly attack those who do. That's where my comment stemmed off.

PS: SaWoop

mindedone5480d ago

I never endorsed achievements. I have no issue with someone stating his opinion as opinion. However, there is a difference between stating your disdain for achievements, and calling those adults that enjoy achievements comical. One is a statement of opinion; the other is an insult. To say that achievements are pointless is just silly. Research shows that games with their achievements made explicit sell better than those that do not. Gamers have shown that they enjoy achievements. There is a point for the developer and the consumer. For you, General, there is not.

JD_Shadow5480d ago

We're disagreeing with your points (which, in case you missed it, we have the right to do), not trying to kill your dog. You CAN disagree with THEM without resorting to this schoolyard bullying and name calling that should be kept to the open zone. CHILL!!