Agents of Mayhem Is The Real Crackdown Successor | CGM

Agents of Mayhem was on full display at E3 2017, and we got our hands on the upcoming Deep Silver Volition open world shooter.

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DaDrunkenJester576d ago

I'll wait for Crackdown 3 thank you very much. 4 player co-op, multiplayer online, plus them orbs are crack.

DaDrunkenJester575d ago (Edited 575d ago )

I don't have that much time in my life. Just now finally getting to Horizon Zero Dawn haha

DarthZoolu574d ago

I get so tired of a clickbait, Crackdown has nothing to do with this game they should have just talked about the game itself.

DaDrunkenJester574d ago

Seems like a lot of people are trying their hardest to downplay Crackdown 3.

shloobmm3575d ago

AoM is missing a lot of the features that even the original crackdown had not to mention the game that looks like it would be a perfect fit for co-op doesn't support it. It makes zero sense.

Knockknock575d ago (Edited 575d ago )

The successor to crackdown is crackdown.
Agents of mayhem is successor to saints row.

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The story is too old to be commented.