DarkZero: Pirates: Duels on the High Seas Review

DarkZero Writes:

"Unlike it's WiiWare counterpart, DotHS is actually not painful to play with friends. A multiplayer battle mixes skirmish fun with pirate flavour. What it lacks in weapon choice, it makes up for in arena choices. Much like the single player mode, there's a good selection of stages, most of which are worth trying at least once. It's also possible to play this mode without any friends in case you're only looking for a quick blast of a pirate romp in the few free minutes you have. Pirates' own brand of kooky pirating-about fills a special niche quite nicely, being well rounded in both solo and multiplayer modes.

Pirates: DotHS is a game that takes itself lightly and is presented with good humour. While it's still a way off being a title to remember, it's a massive improvement on KoD and shows promise for the franchise that appears to be on the up, addressing key areas like the difficulty. The Pirates series has found a home on DS and I hope to God that it stays there. A fair amount of new ideas and a bit of reshuffling is needed but otherwise, it's an agreeable little frolic soaked in the salty water of the pirate universe."

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