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The Robot and the Robot

"The Girl and the Robot is a boring, repetitive, buggy and all around frustrating experience. Not only is the story completely vague, the gameplay stiff, the characters lifeless, but it also has the audacity to end on a cliffhanger. Not that ending on a cliffhanger had really any impact since there is no reason to care about the story, but it just felt like a slap in the face after a kick in the groin of having to play through it and get that ending. Charging $9.99 for less than a 3 hour game that they didn’t tell you is episodic is also quite shady. If there is one thing I’ll give it credit for is that it at least tried something different than the majority of titles now, even if it did fail unbelievably hard."

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DaDrunkenJester969d ago

It's funny, if you go look at the steam reviews. You can tell all the positive ones are from the developers or kickstart backers haha

MLGecko969d ago

There seem to be a couple here with positive titles in their article. May check them out to see what others think.

DaDrunkenJester969d ago

I read those... they are far too forgiving of just how crappy it is. Plus from what I noticed the PC version is a lot better looking than the PS4 version. The PC version doesn't have the Turok levels of fog.

3-4-5969d ago

@DaDrunkenJester - To be fair....the fog in Turok 64 is what made the atmosphere of that game and what made it kind of scary at times.

You never knew when another dino was about to pop out at you around the corner. Seeing raptors charge at you from out of the fog on the first level was kind of intense back in 1996/7.

Removing the fog ruined that aspect of the game and made it more generic IMO.

DaDrunkenJester968d ago


Oh I agree, but the thing is, this game doesn't have that feel at all. Its just a lazy port with that same draw distance haha

Rangerman1208969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

So it is just another sh***y port of a PC indie game? Figures. Games like this makes me glad that Sony will focus less on indie games. Don't get me wrong, I like indie games but just look how many mediocre indie games PS4 got like Randall, Solbrein, Energy Hook, Attaking Zegeta, Shadwen, etc.

DaDrunkenJester969d ago

Yes its another shitty port. I mean they couldn't even match the PC graphics and there is no way this game is demanding at all. So what you get on PS4 is a muddy looking game with a horrible draw distance. What's worse is the graphics aren't even the main offense either haha

lptmg968d ago

Life of Black Tiger...

CrowbaitBob969d ago

Sounds like my kind of game. It appears to have an element of perfection about it.