New RPG 'Demon's Souls' exclusively for PS3

PS3-Sense writes "In the newest edition of the Japanese gamingmagazine Famitsu, a new RPG exclusively for the PS3 have been announced. Demon's Souls will be developed by From Software and published by SCEE"


More info about the game:

- Create your own hero with many customization options.
- You will have to battle against huge monsters.
- Monsters can apparently change form (giant butterfly, powerful dragon, etc.)
- The game gives freedom to the player.
- Playable at Tokyo Game Show.

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Forbidden_Darkness3670d ago

Glad to see a another RPG coming to the ps3

Chandresh Patel3670d ago

I think Famitsu are spoiling some of Sonys upcoming TGS announcements lol

sunnygrg3670d ago

I still have my doubts about how good this game will be though. Armored Core? Enchanted Arms? Tenchu Z?

B-Rein3670d ago

Hell yeah Sony keep em coming, hopefully more announced in TGS, hmmm i need to see more info on this rpg Trailer and some gamepley (since its payable in tgs)

Homicide3670d ago

From Software can get their acts together and deliver a great RPG. Hoping for the best.

callahan093670d ago

I know I'm in the minority on this one, because the game got a bad rap when it came out and people crap on it all the time, but I absolutely LOVED Enchanted Arms. In fact, it's the only RPG of this generation so far that I've even enjoyed at all. Period. I thought the battle system was great, and the way each character's moves has different patterns and formations of attack range made the game seem very strategic in its battle system. I never got sick of fighting battles in that game. Moving your characters to the right areas on the map, having the right characters in your battle-party with the right abilities with the right ranges & formations, you could make your job killing enemies very easy or very hard. It all depended on your strategy. It's a great game, with good graphics and a decent enough story. I'll definitely check out a new RPG by From Software.

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Rick Astley3670d ago

From Software hmm. Either way I like that huge flying creature thing at the bottom.

Liquid Dust3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Yea the screenshots look great. I'm a little troubled though because From Software has had a mediocre past of sorts with titles such as Enchanted Arms and Armored Core, but maybe since it's being published by Sony so maybe they'll be pushed to step it up a notch and utilize the technology a little better

Looking forward to seeing more on this one and most importantly White Knight Chronicles later this month

LiquifiedArt3670d ago

I love the variety the PS3 is getting. AWESOME!

Harry1903670d ago

From Software. Not really a stamp of quality if you ask me. What we need is something similar to Vagrant Story.

Palodios3670d ago

Aww man, don't be like that. They're responsible for great games like Evergrace, Enchanted Arms and Eternal Ring? Remember those gems? Okayyyyy maybe I was the only one who liked them. But King's Field is quality, I swear!

Harry1903670d ago

King's Field when I want to sleep. It's the perfect cure for insomnia.

Guwapo773670d ago

Aww man I loved the first King's Field. Honestly, I thought I was the only one to ever play the game. LoL!

solar3670d ago

i loved kings field. i thought i was the only one...

beavis4play3670d ago

i'm glad to hear other people liked it.

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Bebedora3670d ago

Developers of Enchanted Arm, right?

I hope they get the 'cosmetics' right. Graphically that is. I did enjoy EA, but it was spoiled for the musics and feel of the environment was less than adequate.