The 10 Best Nintendo DS Buys of Christmas

"The Nintendo DS: the gift that keeps on giving. Affordable and enduring, this humble portable is the best selling video game console of the current generation. There are two main reasons why it's edged out Sony's upmarket PlayStation Portable: 1. It's slightly cheaper, and 2. It's got a superb software library, both from Nintendo and the third-party publishers.

And things just keep getting better - a new wave of games is hitting the DS just in time for the Silly Season. Granted, there are a lot of celebrity cooking guides and pony grooming simulations, but there are also many ground-breaking, genre-busting entries in the mix. No wonder Nintendo is keeping the format alive with a new and improved model; it's no exaggeration to say that the DS can take you places that no other games machine can..." - from Gameplayer

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