Titanfall 2 will Support 4K and Dynamic Super Scaling on Xbox One X

The next Titanfall 2 DLC is on the way and EA announces Xbox One X support!

Titanfall 2 will support Xbox One X. This means 4K resolution for increased fidelity as well as support for dynamic super scaling.

We’re not done with DLC yet! Our next update in July will be huge and will include the long-awaited return of a favorite mode from the original Titanfall…

XiNatsuDragnel2286d ago

Greatness dynamic super scaling greatness

343_Guilty_Spark2286d ago

They are referring to supersampling I believe. If it were dynamic 4K they probably would have just said "dynamic 4K".

Aenea2285d ago

Just like if a game was just a timed exclusive they would just say that instead of something less clear, right?

Oh, wait!

dantesparda2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )


Thats some assumptions you're making there.

EatCrow2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )


So im guessing you dont own a PC.
Cant get any clearer.

Same with

DSR buddies. Its been around for a while now.

kevnb2285d ago

you never know with companies like EA and Microsoft.

bluefox7552285d ago

@EatCrow DSR is Nvidia tech, VSR is AMD's version of it, have never heard it called Dynamic Super Scaling.

4Sh0w2285d ago

"Just like if a game was just a timed exclusive they would just say that instead of something less clear"

-No, they are actually pretty clear to me, especially if you follow gaming news as much as we do it should be easy to understand, casuals need only take 30 seconds to find out >>>IF they have questions=

Games *coming out only on pc and Xbox= console exclusive

Games *already out on pc, but *launching exclusively on Xbox= console launch exclusive

Phil explained previously "timed exclusive" was too broad to cover both categories of games, he was correct, so these labels are actually more transparent letting us know which is which....So can you explain what's so unclear about them?

dantesparda2285d ago

I know what Nvidia's DSR is but he's still making an assumption

JasonKCK2285d ago

4Sh0w to be fair everything's unclear to Aenea, because it's Aenea.

Aenea2285d ago


At least I got some class...

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343_Guilty_Spark2286d ago


"Our new Maxwell architecture introduces a raft of innovative, exciting technologies that make your games better in dramatic ways. Of these new features, Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) will have largest impact, enhancing any game that supports resolutions above 1920x1080. What does DSR do? Simply put, it renders a game at a higher, more detailed resolution and intelligently shrinks the result back down to the resolution of your monitor, giving you 4K, 3840x2160-quality graphics on any screen."

ILostMyMind2285d ago

"... giving you 4K, 3840x2160-quality graphics on any screen."

Another Hidden Power 😂

gbsrnctaln2285d ago

"4k quality graphics on any screen" lol

So...are they magically increasing the number of pixels on our screens?

2285d ago
Vasto2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

fanboys don't even take time to think before posting

All Eyes On Xbox One X!

EatCrow2285d ago

No kidding. They all have PC's but never heard of DSR lol.

What a joke.

XStation4pio_Pro2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

It's for tvs with yesterday's 1080p resolution crap. Besides, the ps4 pro version is sub 1600p and also uses dynamic scaling for shadow maps etc. lol I love how people talk shit about what the one x isn't doing even tho the PS4 pro can't do what it can do. It's like a Toyota Camry owner laughing at Porsche owner because the Porsche can't do 200 mph... well. Still better than a Prius.

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megaleo0092285d ago


Dynamic super scaling,no dynamic super resolution.

Maxor2285d ago

Is this "True 4K"? I'm confused.

donthate2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

If you have to ask, you probably can't spot the difference.

The answer is no, it's not true 4k. However, there is enough processing power to go beyond 4k, basically supersampling for 4k. Which is kind of crazy really, but that is what you get with the world's most powerful console by a wide margin.

Aenea2285d ago

Ya know, if you as an Xbox fan say things like "by a wide margin" it sounds cocky and ridiculous!

Especially since I've never ever heard a Sony fan say the PS4 was more powerful than the X1 by a wide margin or any of that idiotic bragging crap.

Then again, Sony doesn't use that sorta language either and MS does, so match made in heaven I suppose.

4Sh0w2285d ago


"I've never ever heard a Sony fan say the PS4 was more powerful than the X1 by a wide margin"

Haha, did you actually just say that? -5 Creditability Points & go to the penalty box for the rest of the half. I mean, even ps fanboys, were like, "uhm OK lets not take it that far" lmfao.

Obscure_Observer2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )


"Especially since I've never ever heard a Sony fan say the PS4 was more powerful than the X1 by a wide margin or any of that idiotic bragging crap."

Yeah. You must be new here. All pieces from your friends



Check Ultranova´s post:

"UltraNova1227d ago
'There is no reason a developer should hold one platforms game back, because of another's discrepancies.'

Yeah...tell that to MS's checkbook..."

What did i tell you? What goes around, comes around.

Aenea2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )


Not sure what you're trying to prove tho, they just say that the PS4 is more powerful, they aren't bragging about it with expletives like Xbox fans and MS loves to do...

"most powerful console ever made"
"more powerful by a wide margin"

That sorta thing is bragging, just say "more powerful", don't add the rest...

Prove it then that Sony or Sony fans have been bragging so obviously as MS and Xbox fans have been doing since the Scorpio reveal...

Sure you can 'brag' a bit with "it's more powerful!", but adding things to that like "... by a wide margin" is the thing that I dislike and it's debatable if it actually is considered a wide margin. Also dislike the whole "most powerful console ever made", it's unnecessary bragging even if it's true, especially since with many new console release it will lose that 'title'. It's the whole attitude that I don't like.

Maybe it's just me tho, dunno...

As an example, my hairs are also standing up when on a TV show they talk about the US president as "leader of the free world", as if the US is the only free country in the world or as if they are the leader of all western countries. It's annoying as heck.

I see both as something typically American. Not attacking the US here, just pointing out something I find annoying and I do see it also with American companies like MS and some of their fans...

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Legacy2122285d ago

These guys have no idea what they're even talking about. They're talking about super sampling which takes a 4k image and samples it down to 1080p tvs. Whether it's native 4k or not we don't know. People don't even read the articles or do research it's quite embarrassing

BigWan782285d ago

(Today, 02:34 PM)
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Titanfall 2 on XOX can go above 4K with Dyanmic Superscaling #1
edit: mods please correct the spelling in the title ;( grammarly has failed me

PC Titanfall 2 has had this for a little while now, but it's nice to hear it's coming to console (as confirmed here by a dev):

Originally Posted by DKo5

When it comes to X1X it means there are times it'll render at higher than 4K and then downsample to whatever resolution the X1X is outputting to. Its is truly glorious on a 4K display. This quote will come back to haunt me, I'm sure, but there were times on Wargames last time I was testing where it was rendering at ~3200p (6K?) internally. The internal render resolution is dictated by the GPU load, so obviously there are no guarantees as to how often it renders at particular resolutions, but essentially we're using 100% GPU all the time.
I imagine this would be the first console title to ever do it.

image for scale


butchertroll2285d ago

But how about when is a heavy gunfight with a lot of alpha effects on screen? Is Titanfall 2 above 4k or 4k or below?

4Sh0w2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Yeah maybe it does go below 4K, I dont know but the fact that he said: "it'll render at higher than 4K and then downsample to whatever resolution the X1X is outputting to. Its is truly glorious on a 4K display."= shows the hardware has some kickazz power to be able to go above 4K, something unless I'm wrong is a *FIRST on a console, Right?...and if it can do that I doubt it will drop too much under 4K no matter what's going on.