German Chancellor Angela Merkel to open video game trade show Gamescom

Cologne is gonna get MERKED.

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xtheblackparade2586d ago

Awesome move. Politicians and gaming should definately be mixed, might ease them up a bit.

GrimReaperGamer2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Please accept my down vote and the many others that people will send your way. Politicians and the politics they push have no place in gaming period. Gaming is supposed to be a good source of entertainment and a fun hobby for people to immerse themselves in amazing stories involving characters that a person can feel a connection with. Gaming is not supposed to be filled with political, SJW bullcrap so based on your statement it seems to mean that you could care less about gaming and more about pushing some stupid, idiotic agenda like the politicians you so admire. They are nothing more than crooked thieves and thug, something they always will be.

bloop2586d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. And not only that, but Merkel is the very kind of person that could arrive at Gamescom and go all "Jack Thompson" after seeing something with a bit of violence in it.

Erik73572586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Would like to know what is SJW bullcrap to you? Cause I see a lot of racist people just say racist stuff is SJW when its not.

I also think if you push for political leaders, that dont have super pacs, you dont have " crooked thieves and thug, something they always will be."

Or push for reform in regulating congress like super pac limits, fundraisers,lobbying,etc. you can fix it instead of having the hopeless pathetic attitude you give off. Im sure the executives and ruling elite love your attitude though cause they can just stomp all over you and use you with that attitude

JLynn9432586d ago

blackparade isn't saying for them to legislate over gaming but that playing some games might make them loosen up. Let them play Nintendo if that makes you feel better. Nintendo goes mostly for inoffensive fun.

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FancyMudkip2586d ago

I definitely agree. Couldn't have said it any better.

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bluefox7552586d ago

This is the last person we want involved with gaming.

GrubsterBeater2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

The woman who is single handedly destroying Germany while other countries are trying following her lead (disgusting). I hate this woman with a passion and there is so much blood on her hands..

Dragonscale2586d ago

@grub, absolutely. She should be tried for treason amongst other things. When the 5hit hits the fan which it will, her and the rest of the eu cronies should be held accountable.

Erik73572586d ago Show
bluefox7552586d ago

@Erik Enjoy your authoritarianism and "words are violence" speech suppression nonsense. I'll take my free speech :)

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Christopher2585d ago

Moe actually lives in Germany, FYI.

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Null19802586d ago

Maybe she can address the recent announcement of COD WW2's Swastikas being removed from Multiplayer and her thoughts on it?

GrimReaperGamer2586d ago

She'll only say that censoring history is a good thing, which it's not and that she doesn't want video games to hurt little SJW feelings.

Null19802586d ago

GrimReaperGamer Yep, that's what I was getting at. She's definitely not "For the Gamers".

Dragonscale2586d ago

Germany has some of the worst censorship of anywhere.

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xtheblackparade2585d ago

Allright, I said politicians not politics for good reason guys. quote: "Might ease them up a bit". I just like seeing them in a different environment having fun.

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Nyxus2586d ago

I bet she's a hardcore gamer.

Null19802586d ago

Please never reference "hardcore" with Merkel again. I think I'm going to have nightmares.

But yea, on topic, why not have one of Germany's star game developers open the show? Why give this woman a platform to speak for an entertainment medium she believes is in need of censorship, not just age ratings? They certainly Merked this one up.

agent45322586d ago

Lol merked this one up, that is hillarious

Yui_Suzumiya2586d ago

What kind of nightmares? Lol
Is it like the ones BJ has when you go to sleep in Wolfenstein: The New Order :3

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Gardenia2585d ago

Germany bans and censors a lot of games and because of that sometimes the rest of Europe get's the censored version too. South Park for example

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Relientk772586d ago

Could have just said, The Legend 27 is gonna be opening Gamescom

SirBradders2586d ago

'The Legend 27', Do you know what they say about the Legend 27?

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