IGN Review of Silent Hill Homecoming

The Silent Hill franchise has always been known for its ability to trip the player's psychological levers, instilling a significant amount of unease, fear and even dread at the situations that they find themselves in. Whether it was wandering the fog enshrouded streets of Silent Hill or the rusty, industrialized hallways of the Otherworld, the characters were normal people -- not fighters -- stranded in a situation that was completely out of their control, forced to survive any way they could against unnatural monsters. That, in turn, imparted a sense of panic and concern in the player because they weren't guaranteed to emerge from a fight unscathed. Unfortunately for the series, the latest installment from Konami and Double Helix, Silent Hill: Homecoming, manages to drain the emotional and psychological elements from the game. While the monsters and strange environments of the game return, the overall experience just isn't scary, which is a major letdown for a title with such a great horror pedigree.

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Kyo3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

"the overall experience just isn't scary, which is a major letdown for a title with such a great horror pedigree" -IGN

Yeah, most horror games aren't scary anymore like they used to be... Resident Evil is an example too. :(

Timesplitter143668d ago

First, it's because it was poorly executed, and by a different team.

Second, RE never was scary

Kyo3668d ago

RE1 and RE2 were truly horror games.

C_SoL3668d ago

dead space will be scary......

SL1M DADDY3668d ago

RE and many in that series were scary. In all honesty though, if you want scary, play Condemned and SIREN. Not that Condemned 2 crap, I mean the first one. Both Condemned and SIREN get my scary next gen award.

Millah3668d ago

Well this is what happens when Konami switches their developers to some completely average and generic Western dev team. Shame on them for even being allowed to use the Silent Hill name, if they are going to let a Western dev completely ruin it and turn it into a generic action horror game, why did they have to use the Silent Hill name?


what about condemned criminal origins? that would make you sh*t bricks

Overr8ed3668d ago

this sounds more like a personal review. but again i havent played the game.

felidae3668d ago

you obviously haven't played Siren on PS3. this game is pure horror.

i'm afraid RE5 will be more like an action shooter. that's sad.

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Timesplitter143668d ago

I'm sad that such a great franchise is becoming trash

meepmoopmeep3668d ago

i'm still going to get this but later down the line.

i already have Siren and it's scary as hell.
i'm sad that the reviewer said SH:H isn't scary at all.

Arsenic133668d ago

Im still going to ran my ass to GS tomorrow to buy this. SH has never been a huge AAA title and its still awesome. So this is still a buy buy buy for me.

ngg123453668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Buying it. If the game is a good action game and not scary so what. I should get scared by the akward controls in the game? Seems like ign missed the target on this game.

devilhunterx3668d ago

Japanese do horror right. Americans do blood splatters somewhat believable

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