Inspiration And Innovation: Why We Need To Stop Saying ‘X’ Copied ‘Y’ In Gaming

Inspiration can be found everywhere, from history, to other games and even proven archetypes. But we need to stop directly comparing things together in games when the similarities are shallow.

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wonderfulmonkeyman576d ago

Good article; it gets tiring to see people demonize well known IP's for "not doing anything new" when the majority of new IP's, with very few exceptions, do a lot of borrowing from other games, a fact which certain people conveniently and hypocritically ignore in favor of the "but it's a new series!" argument.

Most publishers who have any long-running IP's have to deal with that BS, and lately it seems to be Nintendo getting the lion's share of it...

Cy576d ago

THIS. I remember when Gears of War came out and for like three years after every single third person shooter with a cover system was called a "Gears clone". Same with every third person open world game with cars being called a "GTA clone" after GTA3. It's like people don't understand that genres are a thing and games in similar genres are going be be similar. Not everything needs to be 100% unique.

theapocrypha575d ago

Thank you for your support :) There is pretty much no such thing as base originality anymore, but that doesn't mean a game is bad or a ripoff :3

Razzer576d ago

If a game mechanic works really well then I damn sure want other games to copy it. Imagine if no other game EVER implemented fast travel? Or quest journals. Or cover shooting. Or even the damn HUD. These are progressions in gameplay that we need to see reused and, hopefully, improved.

quenomamen576d ago

Why dont we also stop saying its hot or cold outside when it is while we're at it. If X game borrowed or straight stole from Y game then it did.

Summons75576d ago

I agree but there are times where games are blatant copies and they should be called out.