Microsoft Confirms Details Of The Upcoming New Xbox Live Dashboard

Microsoft Games and Live senior product manager, Andrew Jenkins, has confirmed new details around the upcoming Xbox Live Dashboard update. These include release details, the need for the original disk with hard drive installs and new games including the update.

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fufotrufo3671d ago

the community experience and we can all go from one experience to the next, from playing a game together, to sharing photos, sharing videos, having a chat, and doing all these different things.”


Sharing videosss???

fufotrufo3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Sharing video? since when? is this new?

@ peowpeow
yea was down for a while


I think what they're saying is about the Netflix stuff. from what I heard you can rent a movie from Netflix over XBL and have a group of buddies all jump in a party and watch it together..pretty cool unless you have that one friend who's always like "whoa did you see that? oh wait here is the best part!" etc.

Capt CHAOS3670d ago

I reckon they are talking about private videos.

This is big news, Don't let the phony fanboys say otherwise. I think the new feature of 8 player parties alone is going to crank up the expectations from Sony.

dantesparda3670d ago

Or does this sound just like Home?

briguy2043670d ago

no, b/c this actually sounds good

HateFanboys3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

You only think that because you are listening to it with your fanboy hearing aid. You fanboy, you.

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peowpeow3670d ago

Not sure
Was n4g down? Couldnt go on all day :(

bomboclaat_gamer3670d ago

u couldnt find somthing else to do?

Jandre023670d ago

wow gamer...that wasn't even remotely funny.

you fail my friend.

ReBurn3670d ago

I rather like the simplicity of the current dashboard. While I think that the new look is shiny and clean I don't necessarily want my experience to always be a community experience. I guess that I should give it a chance to see if I like it, though.

Megatron083670d ago

I'm sure that you will still be able to set your option to pravite the same way you can do with the current dashboard. However if you really want it to be totally pravite just dont play online.

Halo3Mgs43670d ago

with this update they get rid of people who mod consoles and play burned games on live then brag about that crap.

Fishy Fingers3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Doubtful. Some people with modded consoles even mention that they already have a leaked version of the new update. Not sure whether that's true or not.

Anyway, didn't think you could play modded consoles/copied games online? You can?

Halo3Mgs43670d ago

i've seen people actually use moded 360 with burned games,play on live and have friends that use some of these systems

Sena Kobayashi3670d ago

I think you can but not for long tho , I remember one of my friend got his live cut because he had a modded 360 lmao.

im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

Sony Rep3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

You can use one to play pirated copies of games online.

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Fishy Fingers3670d ago

Looking forward to my 360 having a new "face". Reminds me of Alt + Tab in Vista which is quite a slick interface.

Still absolutely detest the avatars though.

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