New Xbox 360 Dashboard is Going to be Stellar

Jake wries,

"The new Xbox 360 Dashboard OS update is coming soon and it is going to be one of the biggest changes to the Xbox 360 since the system hit the market. It is going to include the first complete redesign of the Xbox interface called the NXE by all the cool kids. The New Xbox Experience (NXE) is going to be the best thing to hit the Xbox and it is going to completely redefine how we use it.

One of the niftiest things at Penny Arcade Expo 08 was seeing the new Xbox dashboard. Xbox Live own Major Nelson showed it off. He made sure to stress that it is still a work in progress and that there was an army of programmers over in Redmond that were cranking out code and testing it as he gave the demo.

As a side note if you ever go to a game expo or press event and Major Nelson asks you not to film something in the presentation and you do it anyway and then go on and keep on filming after he notices you and calls you out and you don't stop it then you are a total schmuck.

I've always thought that Microsoft's biggest advantage in their fight with Sony and Nintendo was software innovation. Let me tell you why:"

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Grassroots3668d ago

Can we keep the classic blades instead as an option?

Fishy Fingers3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Yes, you can stick with the standard blade format if you prefer.

I'm quite looking forward to the new look though, I grew tired of the blades a long time ago and the new look reminds me of Alt + Tab on Vista which is a rather slick layout.

Avatars are terrible though, hopefully your not forced to use them.

Ghoul3667d ago

you mean start + tab :)

borgome3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

The blades are weak, I'm looking forward to the change. I've had the 360 since day 1 and it's definately time for something new. Still having the blades in sub menus should keep all you blade lovers satisfied.

I don't know why some people are so against avatars, I can't wait to mess around with all the differnt looks and styles of the little dude.

power of Green 3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

How so?, blades with the new features *or* blades and features currently available.

You can do what you wan't if I read right.

I find it strange folks are concerend about it yet won't take 2 minutes to read up on it. Go to and read up so that way you don't seem like a sour puusss.

power of Green 3668d ago

"Currently they are not going to be in M-Rated game. If they made them available to M-Rated games it would be awesome. I want to see a Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur using Avatars as fighters and then slice of the limbs of your friends. How cool would it be if you could take the severed heads of your vanquished online enemies and store them on a trophy spike as a warning to all those who would be foolish to take you on"


TOO PAWNED3668d ago

"I've always thought that Microsoft's biggest advantage in their fight with Sony and Nintendo was software innovation. Let me tell you why:" - are you shiiting me?!!! Its a rip off of Miis for God sake. Inovation....roll eyes.

krakdol3668d ago

yeah, they're dreaming completely. MS copied Mii, copied singstar, copied iTunes with Zune, and so on...

Sony innovates. Home is ten years beyond this 'new' dashboard.

Nice fanboy article, though.

juuken3667d ago

Yep, ya gotta wonder.... ._.;

fufotrufo3667d ago

How is home ten years beyond this dashboard?

when you can basically do everything you can do in home ..and more

difference...You don't have to wait for loading areas and infected lobbys to use just get them right away


krakdol3667d ago

@fufo : Are you serious ? You can't do anything like what you can do in Home. Home is a 3D universe to begin with...

fufotrufo3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

so.. NXE can't do anything you can do in home? really? what can't i do?

Share picture? videos? watch movies? play arcade games together? chat?

apart from the 3d concept ..i know its a 3d lobby ..

feature wise is it ten years beyond NXE?

SL1M DADDY3667d ago

I would wait to make bold statements about both concepts until after you have tried both. Making judgement on them now is a bit silly.

juuken3667d ago

What a low blow with Home fufotrufo. I do recall that Home seems like a bigger project than this one.

tatotiburon3667d ago

like sony ripping off the wii wheater channel??

juuken3667d ago

Does the Wii have Folding Home?


I didn't think so.

Cenobia3667d ago

@tatotiburon - OMG you're right! I can't believe Nintendo didn't patent the "wheater"!!!!

Seriously, that's nothing compared to avatars. Plus you're running [email protected] in the background of "Life" so I don't think that's a good feature to point out how evil Sony is.

tatotiburon3667d ago

Does the wii avatars have tons of accesories, clothes, etc?


Can wii avatar join a 8 friends party to chat, sharing images, videos, etc?


OMG Nintendo invent "create a personal avatar"??

Cenobia3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Oh, so you're an xbox fanboy then. Can you seriously not accept that Microsoft totally stole the look of avatars from Nintendo's Miis? They basically have the same style, and the xbox is actually capable of rendering more complex graphics so that wasn't a choice based on hardware limitations.

It was, in fact, a strategy to win over some of the casual Wii crowd. Just like most of the games Microsoft showed at E3. I'm not saying it isn't any better or anything, but it was derived directly from Nintendo's Mii and melded with ideas from Sony's Home.

And that comment just proves how stupid your first one was.

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Snukadaman_3668d ago

NO idea if it does but if it out for the angry flock.

SL1M DADDY3667d ago

Is there any comparison between Home and this? From my take on it, Home is an extension of the already existing XMB and will not be replacing it and it will be a completely 3D world/environment. The NXE is just a reiteration of the dashboard that uses Mii's instead of gamer cards and user names only. I would hope that this would not make gamers upset.

Final_Rpg3667d ago

I think he means the fact that the change to the PS3 has been coming for years and microsoft still managed to get out this big change before sony's...

SL1M DADDY3667d ago

But considering the difference between the two and what they are both trying to accomplish, it would seem that Home would take longer and require more service prior to launch. I know that what MS is showing us is pretty cool but it does not look as much like a full 3D environment as Home does. It's sort of like a confined space rather than a full 3D world IMHO. Not being judgemental here, just expressing what it looks like to me. Anybody's corrections are more than welcome.

kewlkat0073667d ago

From Second Life and to SIMS. You don't have much to do but copy that cerate a character/infrastructure aspect.

It's morso implementing the interactive/marketing part, which is where I think Sony is stepping into new territory.

Nobody is re-inventing the wheel here. I think making HOME be functional and having it be transparent with XMB, is where Sony might of gotten in a little trouble. I like that both, the Xbox 360 an dPS3 have different experiences, which will only get better, hence the competition.

Snukadaman_3667d ago

Imagine if this xbox update was announced in 2007 and we have been waiting for it until now....First time I ever heard of this update was at e3 which was smart.

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