Destiny 2 Beta Start Times For PS4, Xbox One and PC

The Destiny 2 Beta is on the way. It will give players a chance to try out the shooter while at the same time testing Bungie's network infrastructure.

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nX508d ago

The more I see about Destiny the less I'm actually interested. Can't wait to see more Anthem though, much more interesting than Destiny ever was because it actually feels like a living world. Bungie promised so much from Destiny and then gave us a handful of planets with boring corridor levels.

DaDrunkenJester508d ago

Actually the initial reveal of Destiny was quite ambitious like Anthem's. The final product however was quite different from what we were promised. I hope Bioware/EA can deliver on Anthem though, it looks amazing.

508d ago
SirBradders508d ago

I can't wait to see more on Anthem also but no one in their right mind can say that it is more interesting than Destiny after a short game play reveal. Yeah it looked good but don't get your hopes up.

Palitera508d ago

I agree a lot with your comment.

There are three things that define Destiny, though:
1. Ultra tight, near perfect shooting mechanics.
2. 100% absurd and voluntary game content starvation to sell DLCs.
3. Skinner box (cassino) cheap addictive mechanics, regardless of actual skill.

Anthem needs to replace 1 with near perfect "third person shooting" mechanics to be on par.
About 2 and 3... it can be very similar, but there's a chance they are more honest in their design and business plan.

So, in comparison with Destiny, Anthem can still lose both the best and the worst Destiny has.

Personally, I think they won't have 1, 2 or 3, to be honest, which already makes for a very different experience.

508d ago
nX507d ago


No Anthem is not the same thing as Destiny, just like FIFA is not the same as PES. Same design concepts don't give you the same games if you use them differently. Destiny promised a huge universe with many different planets and in the end we played through a bunch of corridors that could've been almost randomly generated. The only good thing about it was the gunplay but even that couldn't save it because Bungie literally flooded us with microtransactions and DLC.

507d ago
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InTheZoneAC508d ago

If you played D1 from the start and paid attention to what was given and supported throughout D1's life you would never question a complaint

508d ago
Dragonscale507d ago

I played it for 9 months. Maxed out all 3 classes along with numerous exotic weapons. Ok yes its flawed, but the gunplay was superb and it is really good messing about with friends on D1. Still doesn't answer the question though and isn't an argument..

Aenea508d ago

Boycott? Why would you want to do that?

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xPaYDaYx508d ago

Have fun twiddling your penis while we're all gamin.

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LAWSON72508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Just preordered on amazon to get the beta (will cancel after though), forgot how soon the beta was. Hopefully unlike Destiny 1 the beta does not showcase the lackluster amount of content the full game had and guarantees so much more.

Relientk77508d ago

Will do the same love Amazon lol for that

Jmanzare508d ago

Bungie said the beta for d1 was 40% of the game

508d ago
MegamanXXX508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

I preordered the PC version but might cancel it because I'm more interested in Anthem

SirBradders507d ago

I wouldn't count on Anthem yet. It looks amazing but Destiny is still a fun game.

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jcole97508d ago

Or I can just play Destiny 1

508d ago
InTheZoneAC508d ago

Not looking at destiny or anthem. Destiny/Division ruined any shooter/grinder. Anthem will be no different

508d ago
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