God of War Movie Confirmed, Ratner Doing the Honors

Kombo Reports: "Remember all those rumors about a God of War movie? Guess what? They turned out to be true and Brett Ratner will be directing the movie. At least it's better than Uwe Boll. Many will remember Ratner for his work on X-Men 3 and Rush Hour 3."

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smokeymicpot3672d ago

That is good another crappy video game movie. Chris Tucker has the side kick.

jwatt3672d ago

That sucks I thought Rush hour 3 was the worst out of the three and I thought X-men 3 was the worst out of the three also. I don't like how this is turning out.

nbsmatambo3672d ago

they should make it almost like 300

gambare3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

A good GoW movie should be written by Frank Miller, directed by Tarantino side by side with Zack Snyder and the GoW game makers

Cwalat3672d ago

Hey... FÛ*KK Brett Rattner and all his shie*ty movies....

"YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED!" should be stamped on his forhead...

WTF is wrong with hollywood these days... ?

comon... dudes...
This is GOD OF WAR for cryin out loud... its not Scary Movie...
Why would they throw away this oportunity to this douche ?

FOR FU*K SAKES... !!!!

Bnet3433672d ago

NOOOO!!!! gambare is right. Brett "I dont give a" Ratner's "ass" wtf I wanted this movie to be like 300. all bloody and ancient looking but awesome. screw this guy

Cerberus_Hunter3672d ago

Ratner did all 3 Rush Hour films...but yeah, i agree X-men3 was the worst.

hope he doesn't screw this one up.

SL1M DADDY3671d ago

I want to know who will play the lead. And, will there be a threesome?

SaiyanFury3671d ago

On a personal note, I don't really care about game-based movies. I have the GoW games and they're plenty good enough for me. Hollywood is just after money that the game industry is stealing from them and all they're interested in is making films about the games that we gamers are interested in to try and recoup the money they're losing all the time. Uwe Boll's done this a lot as well as others. If people enjoy the God of War movie, then more power to them, but I will not be watching it.

himdeel3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Does this mean that we will see a great Playstation game molded into a toss in the pile crappy ass movie. My crystal I mean my gumball machine says, "yes" (damn) I mean "kerplunk".

Why don't we all just hand them the sporks now so they can gouge our eyes out. Say no to crappy game movies and yes to better games.

TheGamer3671d ago

should play the role of Kratos. He looks a lot like him and has a deep voice too and a body to match Kratos.

And I hope they make it just like 300.

@kigmal: I am surprised with all the +ves yor are saying about the PS3 these days. Welcome :)

waltercross3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I Think we should give this guy a chance.
He Isn't the best Director but he Isn't the
worst either.

Kratos should be played by Dwayne Johnson(the Rock) or
Russel Crowe.

Also I Think the Director should be Ridley Scott.

Beast_Master3671d ago

Hold your horses folks Brett Ratner never confirmed that the God of War project was even green lighted, Here it is from the horses mouth

He also mentions 'Beverly Hills Cop' which is kind of an odd choice for either a remake or sequal. I can understand a desire for GoW but Beverly Hills Cop, me and Mr. Rattner need to have some words.

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Nitrowolf23672d ago

i really hope it isnt made crappy, i can see it being really good but then i can see where they could mess up on the movie.

RKRigney3672d ago

No game should be made into a movie. We are at the point in technology where a cinematic experience can be provided BY THE VIDEO GAME. Movies have been surpassed by this new medium.

IzKyD13313672d ago

you should be blaming universal as they are the ones deciding who directs the movie

socomnick3672d ago

What do you care, Sony owns the franchise they can do as they please with it.

DJ3672d ago

Not Sony Corp. And you'd be surprised...

RememberThe3573672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Universal you morons!

Dude your a MS fanboy, I wouldn't be surprise if you want this film to fail. God of War is one of my favorite video game series, I want them to do this movie right. That is why I care. I don't want to see them make this a teen flick, which is were i see this going.

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