Left 4 Dead Boxart Is Puntastic

When the first left 4 dead box art got leaked, the consensus was that it was pretty punny stuff. But only with this recent (and minor) update do they really take it home.

check out the comparison over at

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slugg3697d ago

either cover is bad, but they also lost the blood drops behind the hand on the new one....

solar3696d ago

all in all...its only box art. rather weird box art in the first version considering it was the right hand. what matters is whats in the box. and i can not wait to get some Steam friends gathered up and shoot some zombies. another AAA title from Valve (i hope). awesomeness.

knamelis3696d ago

theyre really pushing that whole 'LEFT' 'FOUR' 'DEAD' thing here...

MashedButtons3696d ago

where do they come up with this crap?