It's Time for the E3 Press Conference to Die

For the past few years, conventional wisdom in the videogame industry has dictated that the best way to reach gamers is directly. That's why the tradeshow E3 has long kicked off with the Big Three: Console manufacturers Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo stage massive press conferences, livestream them, and fill social media and YouTube with trailers, promotions, and any and all marketing slogans they've dreamed up.

This year, though, all three publishers hit their respective stages—in the case of Nintendo’s online-only stream, that stage being metaphorical— without much of anything to announce. That conventional wisdom, it seems, has its limitations. In fact, if this year's show tells us anything about the state of the gaming industry, it's that the major gaming press conference might be obsolete.

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gangsta_red483d ago

100 percent agreed. Time to take a few years off and let companies and devs work on things without the pressure of having to show it off half finished or announced too early.

"There's nothing inherently worthwhile about announcing titles years before their release; as with movies, less hype means less consumer fatigue, less backlash, less inevitable disappointment."

You don't say....tell me more...

"But the industry continues to invest millions in stoking the hype cycle, setting itself up to fail when June rolls around and uh, actually, we don't have anything that important to share right now."

There's always a sense of being let down because for the whole year we discuss what we want to see and 99.9% it never happens. Time for devs and companies to get on a set schedule and then start releasing trailers and generating hype closer to release.

JackTheLiz483d ago

As long as there is an "E3" that will NEVER happen.

Petebloodyonion483d ago

It's quite a decent read and does make you ponder about the role of E3 in the industry.
At first, I was thinking about saying how this guy blows but after reading the article I have to say that he has some really good points.
Like how companies invest millions in the hype machine of E3 just to have deceptions in the ends (Scalebound comes to mind).

VersusDMC483d ago

No way. Love the excitement of watching the press conferences. Every conference had a surprise hype moment for me. DBZfighters at Microsoft, shadow of colossus at Sony, evil within 2 at Bethesda. Just love the 50 min long conferences where I'm wondering what I'm going to see next.

The writer is just complaining because she had an extra busy couple of days and wants all the meetings stretched out over weeks. Ugh hate it when "journalists" say something needs to die when so many people still love it. Had to be I still remember the Chris Koehler article on how final fantasy is dead. Just made me stay away from the site with its hate magnet articles.

agent4532483d ago

Agreed, especially now that is open to the public

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