'Xbox One X Enhanced' games and what to expect: 4K, HDR, 60 FPS and more

Here's how to identify a "Xbox One X Enhanced" game and the upgrades that can be expected.

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XiNatsuDragnel485d ago

Expect native 4k, dynamic 4k, checkboard 4k, 30 and 60fps there all checklists checked.

donthate484d ago

In short, expect the best console experience period by a wide gap!

If you come from PC space, expect a thousand dollar plus high end PC experience in a console form factor for $500.

thekhurg484d ago

Wrong in everything you just said.

Army_of_Darkness484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

@donthate, how can it be the best console experience if it barely has any of the games I want to play on it?

Don't get me wrong, having high resolution is great, but it's not what keeps a gaming console alive.

MegamanXXX484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

You should have said the best experience for third-party games on a console.

DARK_WOLF484d ago

So do you people bashing it for no games ONLY play sony exclusives or what??

Majority of games are multuplat so xbox one x already has loads of games and heaps more on the way.

JasonKCK484d ago

One console banked on 3rd party this whole gen

tyasia0484d ago

Unless what you judge the experience on is games of course, then any version of PS4 is a better value.

Handys17484d ago

Expect about the same difference that PS4 had over Xbox one. It is noticeable on multiplats so I will be getting the one x.

butchertroll484d ago

Experience the best "true" 4k, right?

segamaniaco484d ago

Dont expect lots of people buying it though

Too expensive

steveo123456484d ago (Edited 484d ago )


I'm not knocking the x1x, its really good value seeing as for the first time in a long while its sporting a mid gen spec gpu. However, lets say its a match for 1070/980ti/furyx - then seeing as you can pick up one of those gpus for between $200-300 if you shop round, the rest of the pc rig isn't going to cost $700. At least not if you buy clever

I do wholehearted agree though, you could NOT build a similar spec pc for the same price, which wasn't true of og xbone/ps4

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All of that sounds better than 720 or 900p

484d ago

I can finally go back to buying my multiplats on Xbox thanks to the One X. Been buying them on Pro but now my Pro will be used for what I intended to use it for when I bought it...Sony exclusives

iDadio484d ago

Did you just justify your decision with sound logic? A refreshing change from the normal drivel of n4g

DaGreatOne484d ago

But what if all your friends get their games on ps4. Unless that wasn't a factor in your purchase from the beginning.

Cmv38484d ago

One of the reasons i don't have an x box, i know no one personally who i game with, that has one. So i would have to make new friends, and i hate people lol.

BadElf484d ago

Well a lot of the games will be able to do Cross platform play....
Oh wait...........

DaGreatOne484d ago

@Cmv38 I have friends on both but I don't play with any of them. My work schedule and antisocial tendencies tend to play a factor.

And if every game was cross play that would defeat the purpose of multiple consoles. Having just one will kill competition and companies would just charge whatever they want. I can't really tell if you were being sarcastic, so if so I apologize. With Microsoft being herald as the company of choices at the moment I don't see them agreeing to that as well.


It waa never a factor to begin with. I'm an xbox fan first but when the pro dropped I started buying all my multiplats on Pro instead of xbox. Now with One X being more powerful I'll go back to buying multiplats on xbox.

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DaFeelz484d ago

Holy crap, me too. That's how it was last gen for me. I'm welcoming back that method of gaming. I'm hoping Dragons Dogma is enhanced for the X. I have a cloud save on my 360 for that bad boy. Can't wait to pick it up again! Until then, back to Nier

DaGreatOne484d ago

@black I can respect that because I did the opposite this generation. For me however I still may get more multiplats on the pro. Doesn't mean I will not occasionally go the other way.


Cool bro. It doesn't matter what console you game on just enjoy gaming.

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2cents484d ago

Sounds good.
Hope to get some specifics on announced titles soon.

Vbma484d ago

Well, at least we already know that XboX will have more games in 4k native than those that will have better effects and grande rate compared to PsPro. Evgtudo mundo will qurer comprar because it will be the best place to play multplats besides the best network and a console 3 in 1

sizeofyou484d ago

No fan boy - and want the X to succeed.
But I suspect that "X will have more games in native 4K" won't actually be true. PS already has the leap (albeit "indies"), suspect that most 3rd parties will be checkerboard on Pro and X and that while MS drag behind on exclusives, PS will continue to have more games added to the library that are less "processing" intensive that it can support in 4K (it's a far more diverse library of software).
But good luck to the X. Keep Sony on their toes. I considered one, but it's not dazzled me enough to warrant a further purchase mid-gen...

Vbma484d ago

Nice try, keep dreaming.

sizeofyou484d ago

Not with you.

Everyone knows the X is superior but until M&S pull their finger out and diversify their games, it's majority of software will be cross platform. See how so called parity works.
That said, PC2 has been announced as native 4K on I could be wrong.
However, stated elsewhere, I wouldn't know resolution and pixel count of most releases but for interweb. As long as I enjoy a game, s'all I care about!

sizeofyou483d ago

And then again...PC2 apparently ISN'T running 4K/60.
FM...seems like professionals don't have a clue. Maybe we should all not give a s*t too?
Games - PC, MS, NIN, PS...shall we all just play them??

484d ago
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