PALGN: Civilization IV: Colonization Review

PALGN writes: "Responsible for more mid-morning slumps into unconsciousness than pretty much any other game you might care to mention, Civ IV has been stalking the earth for a few years now, quietly sucking away the sleepy time hours of otherwise productive members of society. The new standalone expansion, Colonization, has recently dragged itself out of Sid Meier's bubbling vat of compulsion, blinked the goo from its eyes and begun scuttling through the bushes towards you, intent on showing you what 3:00am looks like.

Civ IV players will have an edge when coming to grips with Colonization, as both games share many of the same interface shortcuts and techniques. This isn't, however, just a regular expansion that chucks in a few new units, maps and races. It's a whole new game, based on 1994's Colonization. It's more concentrated and feels less woolly and sand-boxy than Civ IV, while still leaving plenty of room to experiment, explore and make catastrophically bad decisions."

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