1up giving away LBP codes now (Tuesday)

Answer the question and send your answer to sackboy! The question is:

"In Shane's preview from E3, he reveals that the final version of the game will have premade levels. How many?"

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Imallvol73669d ago

Did this just pop up? Because I got on the computer just now, thought it was old, but I sent it in anyway. Apparently I sent in before it was even news in the pending section in here. This could be my lucky day!

LoVeRSaMa3669d ago

Yes its new.

Answer is:

Over 60 premade Levels.

Good Luck!

usedbert3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I have just been going to that page periodically throughout the day and hopefully I found it soon enough. All my attempts to get a code have failed so far, but If I made it there before it showed up on N4G then that's a good sign.

It says I sent my message in at 13:28:14 PDT.
How early have other people sent in their answers?
I'll post again when I get an e-mail to see when they cut off.

Kyo3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

You are correct Sama. By the way, is there any specific title required for the pm we send? I typed "Answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question".

usedbert, I sent mine around 3 mins after yours.

LoVeRSaMa3669d ago


Anything should be ok =D
I made the subject and the message contain the answer as i am as desperate as you =]

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Hesper3669d ago

Its a new question up for today "tuesday" and tons of ppl have sent answers already including me. Just hope that 1.29 PM will give me one of the low count of codes (500 of them).

LoVeRSaMa3669d ago

I Posted at: 21:35PM GMT (England)

GoodLuck all =D

TheHater3669d ago

I know the answer because my friend read the article

weazle3669d ago

Got in at 15:42 (central time)

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The story is too old to be commented.