PALGN: Smash Court Tennis 3 Review

PALGN writes: "Whether its the rapid-fire arcadey action of Virtua Tennis 3 or the realism of Top Spin 3, tennis games have become an annual occurrence in the sport game genre in recent years. With both Virtua Tennis 3 and Top Spin 3 offering up solid gameplay efforts in both the arcade and simulation gameplay stakes, is there space for Smash Court Tennis 3 on the crowded tennis game shelf?

When packaging a good sports game, there are a number of crucial elements that need to be addressed. Firstly, there needs to be multiple modes of play and a deep set of features to keep players interested in the long term. Fortunately, Smash Court Tennis 3 has it in spades. In addition to the stock Tutorial and Exhibition modes, there is an Arcade mode which lets players try their luck at winning each of the game's fictional tournaments (either in singles or doubles) and the Pro Tour (which serves as the game's career mode)."

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