Metroid: Other M Criticism Made Series Producer ‘Reconsider’ Samus Depiction

Metroid: Other M is widely reviled by the Metroid fanbase- there are multiple reasons for this. The game’s control scheme felt inadequate for the intensity of action on screen, the game cut down on Metroid‘s traditional strengths in exploration, atmosphere, agency, and isolation, in favor of a hamfisted story told via overbearing cutscenes; and, perhaps worst of all, the game took stoic series heroine Samus Aran, and turned her into a rather tropey character.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1500d ago

I didn't play through Metroid other M. However, I did watch through all the cutscenes, boss fights, and several story critiques. Samus in other M contradicted here look in Prime (and the other Metroid games).

For starters, Samus is said to be 6'3. Yet, in other M, the male characters tower over her. It seemed as if the designers, shrunk Samus to make the character appear softer. All so Samus, had a phobia of Ridley's clone, despite defeating the original 'space-dragon' multiple times. Which to me made no sense, plus the story seemed to contradict the Prime trilogy. Which are the only Metroid games that I have played, and some of my favourite adventure/single-player FPS games.

pasta_spice1499d ago

Don't get me started in the scene where she refused to put on her armour TO SAVE HER LIFE because she hasn't been given orders to put her armour on. Infuriating.

Sciurus_vulgaris1499d ago

Also, Samus was being ordered around by a Commanding Officer. And she couldn't even use most of her armor's powers without her Commanders permission. This went against Samus, being a highly independent and infamous bounty hunter.

MilkMan1499d ago

I didn't care for the cutscenes but the game although unorthodox was still satisfying for me.

Darkfist_Flames1499d ago

Metroid other m was the only Metroid game i liked.

Mikhal55691498d ago

I can understand why the core Metroid fans didn't like Other M. But I enjoyed the game and thought it made good use of the Wii mote with the side scrolling to first person control scheme.

SR3881497d ago

Other M was fine, I liked it, but prime is where it's at