Ashen for Xbox One was the best game we saw at E3 — here's why

Ashen was our game of the show for E3 2017. It lured us in with its deceptively minimalistic art style, waiting to reveal its true depth and majesty at perfectly crafted moments. The game is quite simply stunning.

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343_Guilty_Spark1675d ago

This is an Xbox article. No one care what you do. Stop trolling.

In before someone says why do you care what he cares about.

I care about trolling. Cut it out.

Timesplitter141675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

The game IS on PC too. It's the article that's at fault for partisanship here.

Nobody is making a political statement by saying they'll check the game out on a platform it is releasing on. Your reaction to this is completely ridiculous and fanboyish

bluefox7551675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It's on PC. Are you really so insecure about your console that the mere mention of someone playing a game on a different platform than yours upsets you?

timotim1675d ago

Actually, the article is about the game itself, which is an Xbox game for both console and PC. For that gamer to "check it out on PC" means they are checking out an Xbox game if I'm not mistaken. From what I've heard, it's only being made for Microsoft's store.

moegooner881675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Trolling ? looooool. Someone is upset about the downgrade to launch exclusivity only.

FungLip1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Timotim, last time I checked Xbox is a console. A Xbox game on pc is a pc game. Microsoft or not.

zackeroniii1675d ago

but it will be on PC so why are you getting so triggered for? based on your comment history it's pretty obvious why you're getting so defensive. what is so wrong about what he said? care to explain? and to be fair this specifically is not an Xbox article, it is specifically an article about Ashen, which will happen to be available for both Xbox and PC.

4Sh0w1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Who cares where he buys this or any other Xbox game? Microsoft purposely wants the game on pc so they can get money from pc only gamers AND ps fanboys who dont want to buy an Xbox. Software is King, which means MORE $$$ in their pockets from ps loyals. So if anything just congratulate him for buying into the Xbox Ecosystem.

If you're an Xbox fan who wants to see the Xbox brand continue grow, comments about buying the pc version of an Xbox game should be welcomed with a similar response, to remind them Microsoft will no doubt TAKE their money anyway they can get it.

Lon3wolf1675d ago

Yet the link is to Windows Central not

Allsystemgamer1675d ago

So what...only Xbox gamers are allowed to comment about a game coming to both pc and Xbox?

Get off your high horse. Your brain is getting a little moldy.

timotim1675d ago


Again...the article is about a GAME not a platform. This particular game jut happens to be for multiple platforms, but that's not the focus of it.

And I can't help what things were the last time you checked but Xbox is more than a console...its also a service. The Xbox service runs on console, PC and mobile...Windows 10, X1, XOX, iOS, Android etc. Microsoft has a game called "Microsoft Solitaire Collection", it's on PC (Windows 10) and mobile (Windows 10 mobile, iOS and Android). The game is an Xbox game no matter what platform you play it on. It has achievements and you log into the game using your Xbox account info. Ashen is an Xbox game on either PC or both cases the game requires an Xbox account to be present in order for you to even play the game. Sure, it's a PC game on PC and a console game on console...but that's getting into PLATFORMS, this article is just about the GAME, which a user can hop back and forth between console and PC on the fly. Th one thing in common however is that regardless of platform, the game is an Xbox game in both cases...

Bigpappy1675d ago

Correct. The article is about being impressed by the game while it was shown on Xbox at E3.

343_Guilty_Spark1675d ago

Didn't know we needed reminders that a Microsoft exclusive is on Xbox and PC.

But here's the real reason why PC is brought up. It fits with the fanboy narrative that you don't need a Xbox just a high end gaming PC.

Seafort1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Just to annoy you further I'll be getting it on PC on steam and not Windows Store. How do you like them apples? :P


Get a life it's just a game coming to PC and Xbox. Deal with it! :D

4Sh0w1675d ago


Yeah they are right on that but you know what blows up their narrative is the fact that someone will have spent considerably more for a 4K capable high end pc to play those SAME Xbox games and either way it all contributes to the success of Xbox software, which is Microsoft's exact goal for making them available on pc. Microsoft made a simple yet smart business decision= get no cash from ps loyal gamers (exclusive to a console MOST won't buy) or some money in the form of pc Xbox software sells, their accountants are not fanboys they know real money in this business has always been in software sells because you make a higher percentage on each individual software sell vs hardware, PLUS software total sells by far eclipses total hardware sells= simple math. While they laugh in their basements Microsoft just llaughs all the way to the bank, Xbox fans should only care that the money is used to fund more games.

BeOpenMinded1675d ago

I agree, I come to the article to get excited for a game. It does get tiresome when people obviously want to start some kind of platform war. Those comments are nothing but kindle for flames and it worked. We all know xbox games are on PC. Let's go on every game article and state what platform we will buy on. Great insightful comment from OP

_-EDMIX-_1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


"This is an Xbox article. No one care what you do. Stop trolling"

Trolling? This is also talking about the game itself.

Why hide that its coming to PC? If I say I'll check it out on XB on a PC article thats trolling? If I say I'll check out something like Battlefield 1 on PS4, that trolling? need to get out of your feelings about this. Its on many platforms. This article is STILL talking about a game that can be found on PC, is he not suppose to speak? Don't be excited for a game cause it reminds you he's not buying it on XONE? Who cares?

You are getting TRIGGERED because this is the case for basically 99% of MS titles from here on out.

That is like having a "article" about Call Of Duty, yet tag it for PS4, then say "THIS IS A PS4 ARTICLE BRO, NO ONE CARES, STOP TROLLING"

The game is multiplaform, why is it suddenly a "Xbox article"? Is it no longer coming to PC? Are we no longer allowed to say we'll buy a game on said platform?

Sooooo no. No one is going to um "cut it out" because MS has gone multiplaform. I've stated many times when I buy a game on 3DS, or PS3, PS4, PC etc. So XB owners don't have exclusives anymore so they now want everyone to stop saying they will buy it on other systems?


To make you feel better about owning a XONE? Please buddy, take that buyer's remorse up with MS, they are the ones that went multiplatform after selling you a system for um "exclusives". I'd be mad too.

Seafort1675d ago


Microsoft aren't the publisher for Ashen, The Last Night and a few other games that was shown on Xbox conference coming to PC so they don't get anything from PC gamers. MS only gets a cut from PC games if they publish the games. They aren't that important in the grand scheme of things on PC platform any more like they used to be 15+ years ago but they gave that up to be a console manufacturer.

They have limited influence on PC now and 99% of games are not published by Microsoft on PC. They consciously gave that up to build a platform to compete against PC with the Xbox even though PC platform is pretty neutral and isn't involved in the decades of pathetic console wars.

trooper_1675d ago

Oh no, heaven forbid someone said they're getting it on PC!

Realms1675d ago

Triggered much who cares where he plays it on? Even if he is trolling how does that affect you SMH.

nX1674d ago

Lol what a blinded idiot you are. It's not an Xbox article it's an article about a game which is coming to PC and Xbox.

frostypants1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

The headline *is* deliberately misleading. Leaving out "and PC" is a textbook case of lying by omission. Then the article commits the same sin by burying this fact in the very last sentence. Looking at the fact that this is an MS-only site, I can't help but feel that this was a deliberate effort to present this as a true exclusive.

Either way it's a cool looking game.

xHeavYx1674d ago

Awwee, you got your feelings hurt. Stop with the pouty face.

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Vbma1675d ago

Cool and I play in My PC: FF7, Ni No Kuni2, Death Stranding, Persona5, Yakuza, Dragon Quest 2,Hellblade, Nier, Crash, FF 12 and much more...

GrubsterBeater1675d ago

And how would you play some of those games on PC considering some of them aren't releasing on PC?

Dragonscale1675d ago

You'll be lucky short of piracy.

_-EDMIX-_1675d ago

lol a lot of that is likely not happening.

Death Stranding being published and funded by Sony is likely never coming to PC.

Timesplitter141675d ago

The amount of insecurity in some of these replies literally blows my mind. This is unbelievable

1675d ago
gamer78041675d ago

cool, whichever microsoft box you want to check it out on, looks great!

freshslicepizza1675d ago

This is Shadow's new alt, he did the same thing before in every Xbox article. It's quite obvious what he's trying to do, push the PC narritive in every Xbox article to downplay the Xbox brand. Funny thing is he hardly ever did it on PS4/PC console exclusive topics so it tell you right there it's about his stance on Xbox.

Look around, PC topics are ghost towns here. I do hope we see more and more PC gamers support the platform but sadly I think a large portion is just talking about the PC out of conveinience now that Xbox One X is so much more powerful than any other console

Seafort1675d ago

It's a ghost town for PC game articles as the console fanboys don't want us here as it's a console fanboys circle jerk.

I come back now and again but it's getting much worse for PC on here so why should I come here and read about a few idiots arguing about which console has better fps or resolution when most of the time there is no difference.

I'll correct someone on articles who try to spread BS about PC platform but that's about it for me.

It's like some people on this article. They think that Microsoft profit from PC games even though they don't publish most of the games and aren't on Windows Store but Steam. Most of the games announced at Xbox conference coming to PC are on steam and not published by Microsoft so they get jack shit.

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fenome1675d ago

It definitely looks interesting and it has a unique art style.

Vbma1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

This, Cuphead, Last Night and the Artful Escape, the ghost of Tales i belivie Will suprise like Ori.

Great move Ms, in suport This.

EatCrow1675d ago

I've always liked the Indies MS has supported more then any other indies out there.

Except for perhaps dragons crown but that game had some serious flaws.

Vbma1675d ago

Really, this is good for industry as it stimulates creativity and diversity.

OC_MurphysLaw1674d ago

But remember, indies had a time and place to be shown off at an E3 conference back a few years but not anymore according to one market leading executive. /s

Many are saying it has a very Dark Souls vibe to it. That combined with the really stylistic art direction has me very excited for this game.

Gunstar751675d ago

I've heard a few people get excited for this game. I need to have another look. Ori was the trailer of the show for me #goosebumps

The 10th Rider1675d ago

Yeah, I have to say as far as trailers go Ori and the Will of the Wisps really killed it. It's incredible how much emotion they packed into such a short and simple trailer. Their art direction is simply mind-blowing.

EddieNX 1675d ago

When that music came on I definitely had a goosebumbs moment. Ori was a 9.5

Gunstar751675d ago

Some YouTube reactions are priceless

EatCrow1675d ago

Best music of the year.

InMyOpinion1675d ago

Right behind Nier: Automata. That soundtrack is untouchable.

fenome1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I never played Ori but it looked really good. The trailer for the sequel was pretty amazing, gotta give credit where it's due. They told a story in the trailer without even saying anything, it was dripping with emotion and the music and art style are beautiful.